Best Preschool and Childcare in Wells (South West, England, UK)

Building a Foundation for formal education is as important as learning new skills for kids. Preschools and daycare will be providing high-quality education to students and nurture them to be self competent.  So, if you are a parent residing in Wells City?  And searching for the perfect daycare for your child? And you worried about funds for their education? Then you are at the right place. This outline will provide you with all the details about the child care facilities in the city that is cost-effective and provide quality education.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Wells (South West, England, UK)

1. Cuddles & Care Children’s Day Nursery

With extensive experience in providing educational specialists to offer a proper education and a safe environment has made the best choice for a parent residing in Wells City. Their only mission is to support children through their own development. They provide a curriculum that is based on all-around care in which they give lessons about language, music, physical education, preschool academics and several other physical activities.

This organisation provides nutritious and Wholesome food as per the menu that changes according to the weekly cycle. They and sure and promotes a full safety program for students by safeguarding and promoting their health and well-being and including all staff and volunteers to have a responsibility to ensure there are areas of concern.

The organisation have sensory and motor skill classes and they also provide a safe and calm environment for these to learn.

  • Location- Rowdens Rd, Wells BA5 1UA
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1749 674112
  • Fees- 130£/week

2. Little Wellies Nursery

With long years of experience in fostering children to be self-confident, it has become one of the most famous preschools in the City. This school is located in the heart of Wells one of the smaller cities with fresh Green Fields and fresh air to enjoy. It’s a subsidiary of Wells Cathedral school.

The nursery is designed to bring out the best in children and encourage them to develop their individual interests and skills this cool offers programs for toddlers preschool kids and children also above the age of 5 years and below 12 years.

They have a qualified panel of staff, they have designed the curriculum to discover the talents inside the child outside the classroom they also encourage children to develop teamwork and leadership skills. They did not even believe in academic skills but 8 also emphasize important aspects of life like developing extra skills such as language skills music dance drama art and craft and much more they also have sports facilities to teach children rugby netball cricket and hockey.

  • Location- 8 New St, Wells BA5 2ST
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1749 834400
  • Fees- 120£/week

3. Rockers & Rollers Day Nursery

This child care facility was established 20 years ago and it provides a curriculum that nurtures all the students to feel happy, supported and confident. The curriculum is based on every child unique interests. They also provide other life skills like communication and language, personal, social, emotional and physical skills for better development.

Their EYFS curriculum offers kids an alternative to enjoy and learn in a safe environment. Spacious columns are divided according to the age group and highly experienced and caring staff are engaged to meet the highest hopes and needs of the children in the organisation.

You have several meal programs weather 15 days menu that provides proper nutrition to kids. Clinical staff are also present providing hygiene and health lessons to kids to be safe. An application is provided to parents to check their child’s track record monthly.

  • Location- 8 Priory Health Pk/Glastonbury Rd, Wells BA5 1XJ
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1749 678995
  • Fees- 100-110£/week

4. Explorers Day Nursery

This nursery is located at the park centre or in the city Centre. They have a stimulating environment and bright classrooms that are set up for children to enjoy and engage in learning activities the surrounding natural environment is one precious thing that attracts children to the nurseries.

The mission of this organisation is to provide a variety of additional learning activities, lessons and to help the child with their own emotional and physical challenges.

They have experience in providing children with nutritious food as per the seasonal menu. They also hack playgrounds for different sports activities and other physical activities like dance, spacious rooms for dramas, dormitories for babies, qualified teachers and staff members to look after the children and highly secure school premises.

  • Location- 56 Bath Rd, Wells BA5 3LQ
  • Contact No-  +44 1749 676215
  • Fees- 80-120£/week

This review about all the schools in the city of Wells is pretty much detailed. Throughout the city, all the schools provide programs to infants, toddlers, early pre-school, preschool, pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten. Parents should go through all the details to explore all about the schools. For more information about the schools in Wells City through the websites.

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