Can you solve the giant cat army riddle? Answer inside!

Are you looking for giant cat army riddle answer? Wait, lets understand the riddle first.


Story of the Riddle

In the riddle, Dr. Schrodinger has planned to create giant cats so that he can terrorize the city. Though a
team of secret agents manage to track him and his underground lab, it was later discovered that this
was in fact a trap.

Now that the team is trapped, Dr. Schrodinger is in the next room functioning to activate his device. At
the same time he disabled the control panel on the way out.

Luckily, the team was also a master of spy-craft.

  1. A team member, Agent Delta was able to hack into the control panel managing to reactivate
    part of it functions
  2. Searching through the surveillance, Agent Epsilon discovered the code for the door. The code was 2, 10 and 14. The code has to be output on the control panel in the same order.

The twist in the riddle is that on the
control panel, there are only three buttons. The buttons are +5, +7 and square root.

If different numbers are output on the panel, it is fine but it has to be kept in mind that one cannot reset
the display. This means that once the panel outputs ‘2’, it has to be continued until and unless ‘10’ and
‘14’ are obtained.

Other than that if the same number is displayed twice or if the output is not a whole number or if it is
greater than 60, then the trap room will explode.

Summary About The Riddle

1. On the control panel, there are only three buttons that would change the display. They are +5,
+7 and square root.

2. The start of the display is zero,’0’,

3. No repetition of numbers are allowed
4. To crack the code, the output of the display should be the numbers 2,10 and 14 and in the same
5. Other numbers can be displayed in the output. There is a catch for this.

  • The same number should not be output more than once
  • The output number should be less than 60
  • The number should not be a whole number

6. The only way to get out safely is to set display so that the output is the code

Answer of giant cat army riddle

1. To get ‘2’:-

  • Add +5,+7,+5,+7,+5,+7
  • The result will be ‘36’. Square root it to get ‘6’.
  • Add 5 twice so that you can get ‘16’.
  • Use square root twice and there you have your first code that is ‘2’.

2. To get ‘10’

  • Now that you have 2, tap +7 so as to get ‘9’
  • Square root 9 to get 3
  • This is the last step where you need to tap +7, so that you can get your second output ‘10’

3. To get 14

  • Click +5 five times and +7 two times, your result will be ‘49’.
  • Square root ‘49’ so that you have ‘7’
  • Tap +7 once more to get your last output that is ‘14’.

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