Christmas Vocabulary Worksheets for Kids

Kid’s favorite occasion is festivals and its colorful celebrations. Festival time fills them with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. Not only they get to enjoy a lot of things like decorations, celebration, food etc. But also lots of new things like the purpose of festival and related items used during the festival. Kids get use to new terms and as we know that they learn from everything around them so why don’t we use this to teach them new things?

Christmas Vocabulary Practice Worksheets

Christmas is everyone’s favorite specially for kids because it is full of lights, sweets, gifts and lots of happiness and joy. Here’s the worksheet worksheet for vocabulary based on Christmas celebration. The pictures given in the worksheet are Christmas related props with their name written below but with missing letters, kids have to fill the blanks with the missing alphabet and complete the spelling.

Christmas Vocabulary Worksheets for Kids

learning the pronunciation along with the spelling is as important as sugar in candy. Pronunciation and spelling goes hand in hand for a good vocabulary. Correct pronunciation helps to remember the correct spelling and vice versa. In this worksheet the same pictures which were in first worksheet are given with complete spelling. Kids have to name the words so that they learn the pronunciation also.

English is not only a language but has became a common language across the globe. It is not merely a subject but a major part of education which is essential to fill the communication gap. In order to learn reading and writing in English one should  have a strong vocabulary which starts from learning small words and their meaning. In this worksheet there are pictures related to Christmas and kids have to recognize the picture and its name and find the missing words from the spelling.

Christmas Vocabulary Worksheets for Kids

In this worksheet the pictures are same as in third worksheet with complete spelling. Ask your kids to recite the words along with the spellings so that they can memories the spelling as well. This worksheet is aimed to improve the vocabulary of kids by using some common terms related to Christmas season which kids are use to.

Christmas Vocabulary Worksheets for Kids

Hope the worksheet was helpful to improve the vocabulary of your kids. Kids are very sensitive to what they see around themselves. They observe a lot of things from their surrounding so use this as a method to teach them new things. Make them to involve in small activities just like this worksheets in order to widen their field of knowledge.

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