Cow Animal Facts for Kids

Cows are well known for the flavorsome things they supply such as milk, dairy products. They are most frequently seen on farms.

Even though these animals may seem similar, there are many things about them that we might not notice.


What are the distinct names for cows?

When we discuss about cows, it can really be a little mystifying. The scientific title for this type of animal is cattle. Adolescent cattle are known as calves until they become mature.

Mature females are known as cows while mature males are known as bulls. When we make use of the word cow, we are discussing about all of these distinct types of cattle in normal sense.

What are features of a cow?

Cows are well-known for their exceptional kind of single stomach with four distinct compartments. Each of these has its own motive in assisting the cow consume and digest its fodder. Cows have cloven hoof on their feet and can scale up to 4,000 pounds. Males can have huge horns on their foreheads while females will have mammary glands.

Where do cows reside?

Cows survive in a lot of unlike countries around the globe. They are generally discovered on farms and some types still live in the woods.

Cows choose to have a room where they can expand out and consume enough of food.

They also require a place where they can drink plenty of water. Cows drink about a large tub full of water daily.

What do cows like to consume?

Due their exceptional stomach, cows are in a position to eat a lot of distinctive type of tough grasses. When a cow feeds, it first in take its food without chewing, and keep it in one of its sections.

Once it discovers a silent place to carry on with, it ejecta the food back up  and steadily chews it into small pieces that are simple to crumble.

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