Cultural Musical Instruments

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Music is an art that gives peace to our souls and mind. Music is of different types like folk music, cultural, western and so on. Music helps to develop many important skills in children. Children should know about all the musical instruments that play a key role while originating a song. If we talk about cultural music it hides a heritage inside them so young children should also know about the instruments that help to develop cultural music. To make young learners learn about these instruments Kid PID is here with an amazing study material kit that will help children to learn about these cultural instruments in a very fun and interesting manner.

This study material includes cultural instruments and flashcards. These flashcards include names,e of the instruments along with their beautiful animated pictures  These colorful pictures easily grab a young child’s attention and help them in effective learning. These flashcards are easily printable and are perfectly suitable for kids in first grade. To make these flashcards more attractive you can print them on a glossy A4 size sheet.


Cultural Musical Instruments

Cultural Musical Instruments- 1

Cultural Musical Instruments

Cultural Musical Instruments- 2

Cultural Musical Instruments

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