Do animals have language?

Do animals have language?

Dear student, have you ever saw your pet dog talking? Maybe not but you might have noticed that your pet dog or cat understands what you say or even follow the instruction you give. They might not talk but they somehow manage to communicate or understand the gestures. In this lesson we will learn about how animals communicate with each other and what language they use.


Language is one of the most important media of communication. There are hundreds and thousands of languages that exists worldwide but what about animals? None of us including the researchers have ever seen animals communicating through a language instead they use gestures for example you might have seen a dog wagging tail when he is cheerful.

What does the researchers say?

The researchers believe that the animals understand the tone, pace and the gestures and birds like parrots who sometimes talk actually don’t have the knowledge of the language they just imitate humans and so does some of the apes do because of their high-capacity brain.

Analysis and conclusion

Language is really complex and apart from making simple communications we humans use it for several other things we even use it as a reference to learn another language.

But in case of animals, they understand gestures, sounds on the basis of pace and tone, and movements to communicate. They sometimes understand us but only through our actions and gestures and even imitate us but they don’t have any true language. Scientists are still making research on this let’s see where it takes us.

Till then try asking your dog what’s his favorite food?

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