Do fish sleep?

Do you guys like sleeping? Have you ever seen a dog sleeping on the road? Or any other pet animal sleeping at your home? But have you ever wondered how Fish might be able to sleep? Do they even sleep r not? Let us get to know these things in this article.



  • Fishes are the aquatic animal.
  • They are Craniate animals with the gills.
  • Gills are used in fishes for the respiration purpose just like we have nose.
  • Fishes can be found deep inside the water, in the middle of water or even on the coastal surface of water.
  • We use fishes in many ways.
  • Fish gets their food supply from underwater sources only depending upon their needs and habitats.
  • However, there are different ways for every fish to sleep.
  • Some sleep get a rest by lowering their metabolism act.
  • Some fish finds a secure spot to have some rest by decreasing some activities and metabolism.
  • Some fishes just float in water with no other movement.
  • Similar to this, the fish named as parrotfish sleeps inside a sleeping bag prepared by itself.
  • Even though every method is different, it is studies that these processes restores the same things similar to what we experience while sleeping.

Parrot fish:

  • Parrotfish are known to secrete a mucus from their mouth which provide them with the sleeping bag is which they can sleep every night.
  • This mucus cocoon helps them to hide out their smell from their predators.
  • The another distinct advantage of this sleeping bag is that it also provide early warning alarm of danger from any predator.
  • As soon as any predator approaches the cocoon, it can get teared by their rough touch getting the parrot fish enough amount of time to flee.

Fun Facts:

  1. The sleeping behavior of fish where they do not respond to any stimuli, or just float in water is termed as “sleep-swimming”.
  2. Even when fishes are thought to be sleeping with reduced activities, fishes are found to be still alert for any kind of danger.
  3. It is estimated that, it takes about an hour fir a parrot fish to prepare its own cocoon every night before sleeping.

Related Questions:

  1. Why do we need sleep?
  2. How do fish breath?
  3. What are different kind of fishes found in India?

True or False:

  1. Fish do not sleep.
  2. Fishes are found to live in caves.
  3. Fishes are found to live inside the water.
  4. Parrot fish sleep by floating on the water only.
  5. Fishes sleeps by reducing their metabolism and reducing their activity.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Fishes are________.
    1. Aquatic Animals.
    2. Reptile Animals.
    3. Both 1) and 2).
    4. None of the above.
  2. Fish use ______ for respiration.
    1. Gills.
    2. Heart.
    3. Both 1) and 2).
    4. None of the above.
  3. Some fish can sleep by just _______.
    1. Lowering their metabolism and reducing activity.
    2. Increasing metabolism and increasing activity.
    3. Increasing metabolism and decreasing activity.
    4. Decreasing metabolism and increasing activity.
  4. ______ creates its own sleeping bag.
    1. Parrotfish.
    2. Shark.
    3. Whale.
    4. Jelly Fish.
  5. This sleeping bag is known to block the ______ of parrotfish.
    1. Taste.
    2. Smell.
    3. Sound.
    4. All of the above.

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