Do giraffes get dizzy when they bend over?

Do you guys know which is the tallest living animal on Earth?

The giraffe is the tallest living animal present on Earth.



  • Giraffes belong to the Genus Giraffa.
  • They are especially known for their height.
  • In general, giraffes are considered to be as tall as a house.
  • Their tallness can be explained by the following example – if a giraffe is standing normally, it does not need to expand its neck to reach the second floor of a house!
  • Along with the speciality of a towering height, there are other few anatomical features of a giraffe that distinguish it from other animals.
  • Giraffes depend on plants and leaves for them to survive and fulfil their appetite.
  • A giraffe has very long legs, measuring about 6 feet long.
  • Giraffe even has a very long tongue, mostly used to eat the leaves of thorny plants.
  • One of the most astounding features of a giraffe is that it has a very big heart, about 2 feet long that can weigh about 11 kilograms.

Have you ever tried to stand up directly from the sleeping position and felt dizzy afterwards? According to science, when there is a sudden rush of blood to the brain it can cause dizziness. Giraffes have such long necks. Does that mean they are also vulnerable to this dizziness?

  • No, even though giraffes have such a long neck, they are not vulnerable to dizziness.
  • That is because of the presence of a few valves and the extra blood network in them.
  • When a giraffe bends at its neck, the valves that are present in the vessels prevent the sudden flow of blood and preventing this dizziness.
  • There is a network of capillaries present at the base of the skull of a giraffe that makes the skull more spongy and also helps in regulating normal blood flow.

Fun Facts:

  1. A giraffe contains the same number of vertebrae in its spine as a human being. The difference is that their vertebrae are huge in size compared to that of humans.
  2. Giraffes can only be hunted down by human beings, lions and crocodiles.
  3. Giraffes only require 5 to 30 minutes of sleep in 24 hours.

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  1. Where does the giraffe live?
  2. What are the defining characteristics of a giraffe?
  3. What is the average height of a giraffe?

True or False:

  1. Giraffes belong to theGenus Leopard.
  2. The giraffe is the tallest living animal on Earth.
  3. A giraffe has a very long neck.
  4. Giraffes are considered as tall as houses.
  5. Giraffes get dizzy when bending down.

Objective Quiz:

  1. The ______ is the tallest living animal on Earth.
    1. Giraffe.
    2. Elephant.
    3. Kangaroo.
    4. Hippopotamus.
  2. Giraffes eat _______ for their survival.
    1. Leaves.
    2. Meat.
    3. Butterflies.
    4. Snails.
  3. A giraffe has a very long ______.
    1. Tongue.
    2. Neck.
    3. Both 1) and 2).
    4. None of the above.
  4. Giraffe’s legs are _______ long.
    1. 7 feet.
    2. 6 feet.
    3. 12 feet.
    4. 9 feet.
  5. Giraffe’s heart weighs about _____.
    1. 11 kilograms.
    2. 12 kilograms.
    3. 13 kilograms.
    4. 14 kilograms.

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