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The Hindu community celebrates Dussehra as a holiday. It is one of India’s most significant celebrations. Additionally, it is one of the longest. Throughout the country, people celebrated Dussehra with huge excitement and affection. It is time for everyone to rejoice. Dussehra marks the triumph of virtue over evil. The event highlights the Hindu religion’s fundamental idea: the ultimate triumph of truth and virtue. No matter how minor in the face of evil, the truth cannot be silenced and always wins. Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is a prominent Hindu holiday observed in India. The event takes place on the tenth day following the nine-day Durga Puja and 20 days before the Deepavali holiday.

In addition, Dussehra commemorates Lord Rama’s triumph over Demon Ravana. As a result, individuals reenacted the ten-day combat between them. Ram-Leela is the name given to this theatrical form. People in North India perform the Ram-Leela using masks and other dance forms. Following the Ramayana, they construct massive paperboard effigies of the three major demons, Ravana, Meghanada, and Kumbakarna. They are then loaded with explosives and set on fire. A guy dressed as Lord Rama throws fiery arrows at the puppets to burn them down. People frequently invite a special person to play the role of Lord Rama and then burn the effigy. This event is held in an open field in front of thousands of people.

Maximum trading occurs on Dussehra since there is a large crowd in the Melas (fairs) and roadways. The major draw of this festival is the reenactment of the Ramayana drama. Lord Rama then burns the enormous effigy of Ravana. People leave their homes with their children to visit Melas. People of all ages enjoy these fairs. They observe the fireworks and are awestruck by the spectacular displays. Children anticipate this event the most and beg their parents to take them to witness the firecrackers. On the joyous occasion, sellers sell delicious roadside street meals and tiny trinkets. However, we live in a country where festivals are common. Every year, most of these festivities occur around the end of Autumn and Winter. Due to this, people also say goodbye to Maa Durga on Vijaya Dashami, observed on the same day as Dussehra in Bengal and Orissa. According to Hindu scripture, Lord Rama completed the Chandi Gruha to appease Goddess Durga and win her blessings. On the 10th day of the fight, Lord Rama accomplishes this feat, killing Ravana and securing his bride, Sita.

In conclusion, Dussehra is a very important festival in the Hindu religion. People of all religions witness the magnificent act of burning Ravana. It brings people together since the audience includes individuals from all walks of life, not only Hindus. Most importantly, Dussehra tells us that virtue always triumphs over evil, and light always triumphs over darkness. Hindus in India have celebrated Dussehra for thousands of years, and it will be performed with the same passion and devotion in the next millennia. Methods and traditions may vary, but the festival’s significance will not.

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