Essay: The Winter Season

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We all live in a nation with four distinct seasons, of which my favorite is winter. It starts after the autumn season and actually ends when spring returns. In India, the winter season is defined as November through February, whenever the north of the country is angled toward the sun and sunlight must travel a greater way to reach the earth’s surface. Because of the cold weather, I really enjoy the season. In our country, this season lasts almost three months. This season has long nights and short days. Holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, Holi, and others are celebrated frequently in the winter. This season helps farmers to harvest their rice this time of year and grow other things like beans, green peas, and cauliflower. In India, winter vacations are usually filled with family outings or social gatherings.

To protect our bodies from the cold during this season, we wear woolen clothes. Hilly places have amazing beauty all winter long since everything is covered in ice and provides a stunning appearance. Anything covered in ice looks as lovely as pearls. When the sun rises, flowers of various colors bloom and transform the environment. While the season is wonderful, there are certain challenges to overcome. Winter nighttime travel is quite difficult.

Nevertheless, the winter is not nearly as beneficial in the United States as it is in certain European nations. For those who lack resources, it causes further difficulties. Some of them even lack their own homes, and they cannot buy the necessary clothing. They are forced to spend their nights outside in the chilly weather. We should do everything in our power to assist them by providing warm clothing for those who cannot afford it.

In the winter, people enjoy going for morning walks because they receive some fresh air. In this season, we can perform tasks that would be physically demanding in the summer. People don’t get bored working long hours in the winter.

Poor people experience difficulties throughout the winter. Without wearing woolen clothing, they work all day. To keep warm, they frequently sit close to the fire. On the other hand, rich people use heaters in their rooms to maintain a comfortable temperature. While it is beneficial to some, it can be dangerous to others. Due to the extreme cold, numerous animals and birds perish. In addition to these varieties, other kinds of flowers also bloom in this environment. Farmers are currently acquiring their rice and growing other crops like beans, green peas, cauliflower, etc. This time of year, we frequently enjoy going on picnics. After a season of non-stop rain, the winter weather is humorous and fun

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