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Learning is an important part of a child’s life. It is a continuous and never-ending process. Developing an interest in children for their studies is quite a difficult process as children tend to easily lose their focus during studies as they don’t find their learning process fun and interesting. To solve this problem Kidpid is here with the excellent study material that will help your child to learn about the different variety of nutritious food items in a very interesting manner. This e-study material is in the form of flashcards that includes multiple beautiful animated pictures of food items that are healthy, tasty, and full of nutrition.

These flashcards make it easy for young learners to recognize and learn the names of food in a fun way. These flashcards create eagerness in children to learn and focus more on their studies. These flashcards are suitable for kids in pre-primary and first grade. With this study, material children can experience a whole new way of learning and enjoy this amazing period of their learning.


Handdrawn Food Flashcard

Food Groups Handdrawn Flashcard Sheets- 1

Food Groups Handdrawn Flashcard Sheets

Food Groups Handdrawn Flashcard Sheets- 2

Food Groups Handdrawn Flashcard Sheets

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