Forests: Our Lifeline

Forest is the home of wild animals, birds and they are known as the lungs of the earth. Forest gives us many resources like fresh air(oxygen),food, wood and shelter etc. Many people still live in forest. There was a movement called as the Chipkoo Movement in which the people who lived in the forest which are called as Adhivasis, Saved trees from being cut by the industrialist. They saved trees as they think they are gift of god given to humans and we should take care of it and not harm it. Forests are important because if we cut trees down on a large numbers, it will lead to global warming. Global warming harms the environment and harms the resources around.

Forest is a place where we can grow trees, they are storage house of the earth. Each aspect in the environment is connected with each other, If one gets damaged the other will get affected somehow.

A forest is also known as a Dynamic Living Entity because it includes lots of activities which changes frequently with time. As seasons change, the forest environment also changes. Also, the generations of plants to animals also changes, as old ones leave and new ones take birth, This cycle is not only in the forests but also in the urban areas.

A forest consists of many trees and plants. They can be small or big or dwarf or tall. When a huge number of plants form a hub then a forest is formed naturally. Some maybe unwanted which are required to be removed as some trees grow on their own like weed, its an unwanted pant which grows naturally and which effects the other plant near to them, like weeds restricts its nearby plants to grow and takes all of its nutrients.

The following type of resources can be found in the forests

Canopy- It is found in the center of the trees, it gives a shape of shelter. It is made naturally by the nature and it also restricts the sunlight to touch the land of the forest. They are big and dense, these are the homes of the birds, squirrels and the little animals that live in the forests.

Crown-A crown is resent at the top of the tress, they are not very dense like canopy. They are the head of the trees, it takes the sunlight directly to themselves.

Decomposers-These are the micro-organisms present in the soil. They eat the natural waste substance and makes them
dissolves in the soil so that it will easily become a manure. A manure is the soil used to grow plants which are eatable.

Humus- It is the soil which is made by the decomposers. Decomposers performs a process of breaking down of the un-nutritioned food or resource into small particle so that it can be easily dissolved in the nature, this will lead to growing of a plant.

Understorey- An understorey is present below the canopy it is thin shield which gives support to the canopy to stand in a shape. It acts like an umbrella to the tree. It gives shades to the wild animals and insects.

There are various types of process which happens in a forest


It is the process of cutting down of trees by human, in order to gain wood and nutrients from the trees and plant sin order to make goods in an industry. These are done by industrial to gain the space and make industries as a forest location is very resourceful to them, as resources are available nearby and their cost of transportation will decrease.


It is referred as the process of replacing and restoring the damaged or missing plants. In order to give them a full damage free body, which is healthy for themselves as well as the environment. For example-Yeast. If yeast breaks its part in the soil, that part becomes the parent cell and grows fully and this process goes on. The plants which regenerate themselves are independent in nature.

Seed dispersal

It is referred as the process of distribution of seeds without the help of humans. Seed dispersal is done naturally. There are 5 ways in which it can be down like water, air, insects movements, animals and gravity. Seed dispersal also leads to growing of a new plant.

Soil Erosion

It is the process in which the top soil of the soil get washed away due to water or wind. It is an natural occuring process in which the colour of the soil changes from brownish to dark brownish, which also makes it look like mud.

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