Getting to Know Plants

We see plants around us but does you know what are plants? What are it’s types? What are the parts of plants? Let us know what are plants, what are it’s types and parts of plants in details.


What are plants?

  • Plant is a living thing that grows on the earth and have stem, leaves and roots.
  • From hot dessert to snowy mountains plants can survive almost everywhere on the earth.
  • Plants are divided into two parts:- flowering plants and nonflowering plants.
  • Flowering plants like sunflower, rose, orchids etc and nonflowering plants like mosses and ferns.
  • All plants makes their own food using sunlight. Unlike animals plants cannot move from one place to another on their own as they are rooted in the ground.

Types of Plants:-

Herbs, Shrubs and Trees.

What are Herbs:-

  • Plants with green tender stems are called Herbs.
  • They are usually short in height and don’t have many branches.

­What are Shrubs:-

  • Plants with hard stem but not very thick are called Shrubs.
  • These plants develop branches near near the base of stem.

What are Trees:-

  • Trees are very tall in size and have hard and thick stem.
  • Stems have branches in the upper part.

There are two more classification of plants based on types of stems. Let us know the types :-

  1. Climbers:- This are the weak stemmed plants that take support of other tall plants or things to grow. They have special structure to grow called tendrils to climb om tree. For example :- pea plant, money plant etc.
  2. Creepers:- This are the weak stemmed plants that grows along the ground, along the other plants or by the wall. For example watermelon, Pumpkin etc.

Different Parts Of Plants

What are the different parts of plants. They are stem, leaves, roots and flowers.


  • The basic function of stem is to support the leaves, to conduct water and minerals to the leaves.
  • Than they convert this minerals into usable products by photosynthesis and than transport this to leaves and other parts of plants including roots.


  • Leaf produces food for plant through the process of photosynthesis.
  • Leaves are of different size , color and pattern of different plants.
  • Most leaves have a broad, flat part called a blade. Usually, a stalk called a petiole attaches the blade to the plant’s stem. A leaf that has only one blade is called a simple leaf. A compound leaf has two or more blades attached to the petiole.
  • Veins inside a plants acts like a blood in animals body. They carry water and food to from the leaves.
  • Inside leaves their is a structure called pigment which gives colour to the leaves.


  • It is the underground part of a plant which absorbs water and minerals from the soil.
  • There are mainly two types of roots Taproots and Fibrous roots.
  • Dicots have tap root system while monocots have fibrous root system.
  • Tap roots have a single main roots and Fibrous roots have dense network of roots under soil.
  • The pattern of vein is called venation.
  • Plants having reticulate venation have tap roots while plants having leaves with parallel venation have fibrous roots.


  • Flower is most beautiful and attractive part of plants with colorful color.
  • Their are 4 parts of flowers petals, sepals, stamen and pistel.


  • Petals ate leaves that surrounds the reproductive part of flower.
  • They are brightly colourful and beautiful.
  • All the bunch of petals of flower is called corolla.


  • Sepals are the outermost part of the flower mostly green in color and leaf like structure.
  • They are modified leaves that encase the developing flower.


  • It is the male reproductive part of the flower.
  • Stamen consists of a long slender stalk, filament with a two lobed anther at the tip.
  • Anther looks like saclike structure that produce pollen for pollination.


  • It is the female reproductive part of the flower.
  • The ovule producing part of the plant. Mature ovary is fruit and mature seed is ovule.

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