History vs. Napoleon Bonaparte

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The historical chapters are simply engaging, maximum of war and warriors, their contribution and more. The subject History allows us to know that century before our birth. Warriors may belong to our India or other countries.  Napoleon Bonaparte, have you heard the name of this person? He is among them. Let’s put some light on his facts.


Napoleon Bonaparte

He is a French statesman, who had leadership personality and capability. 


He was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. His father, Carlo Bonaparte was a lawyer and mother Letizia Romalino Bonaparte.


Teaching background, he learned at three schools namely at Autun, in 1777 for five years of military college of Brienne and during 1784 finally for a military academy in Paris. Napoleon was a scholar in studies. Despite the teasing from others for small size with the nickname, “Little Corporal”, he never gave up.


In 1785, he graduated from the Ecole Militaire. He became the second Lieutenant in the Army. He authorized as an officer after graduation.

In 1789, the revolution was taking place in France. The ancient regime was in hardship. The estate general, Louis XVI consider a tax raise. On June 21, estate general announced itself a National Assembly and French revolution were underway. On August 28, the new French Republic announced human and citizen privileges.

In April 1791, Napoleon was designated the first lieutenant at Valence. Later he joined the Jacobin Club. When he returned to Corsica in October 1792, where Paoli was making an effort to separate Corsica from France. Napoleon instantly joined Corsican Jacobin to oppose Paoli’s strategies.

Napoleon’s Motive

  • To establish the government of France.
  • French Revolution liberty, union and equality.

Napoleon and the French Revolution

He was a revolutionary administrator. He brought up various ideas that were positive to France. Several ideas executed like the reduction of number currencies from over 30 to 2.Secondly, boosted communication and transport system, the establishment of the Metric System.

During his military strategies, Napoleon won several territories for France. Later he declared himself an emperor in 1804. It was more of a constitutional kingdom.

He conquered Europe through mastery of military leadership. He launched the Napoleonic Code that terminated the privileges based on birth and established equality.

France saw fortunate days while Napoleons advanced and bright attention.


Napoleon died on May 5, 1821, on the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic.


Napoleon Bonaparte, the best commander France have won and that’s why he was the boss of France. It was quite visible while stepping on the path, favourable things and downfalls both were the aspects of Napoleon’s mission as an emperor.

Napoleon Bonaparte was the gift for France”!!!

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