How Breathing Works?

How Breathing Works?

Hey friends, today I am going to take you on a very interesting and knowledgeable tour where we will get to know about breathing. I am going to tell you about how it works, how are we so vulnerable towards it and in what ways it helps us. So are you ready for this amazing tour? Well what are we waiting for let’s go and dive in the ocean of knowledge.

Breathing is a normal mandatory day to day exercise. Well we know that we take oxygen in and we give out carbon dioxide. There are specific terms given to them. When we take in oxygen, we are inhaling and it is called inhale whereas when we give out carbon dioxide, we are exhaling and we can call it exhale. These are the general terms we use regarding breathing.

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Well it is not that tough to breathe but it gets a bit nasty sometimes. We are surrounded by mixture of gases mainly consisting of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen. We take in oxygen from it and it goes through or nose and even sometimes through our mouth and from there to pharynx, trachea and bronchial tubes and then finally to alveoli air sacs. Alveoli then uses pressure to circulate oxygen and nutrients to our whole body through blood. The diaphragm acts and functions as a pump to facilitate this air exchange.

Have you felt yourself losing or running out of your breathe whenever you are in certain sort of panic or stressful situation. Consider this example that you are sitting in the examination hall to give your final exam and then after looking at the question paper you realize that you don’t know answer to any of its question and then you get tensed, start to get panicked with a lot of tension going in your head and then you realize that you are feeling exhausted and then you start to breathe at a faster rate as your heart is beating fast and all that.

Well our breathing becomes more vulnerable when we indulge ourselves in some physical activities like running, playing or some other kind of energy related work. As when we perform such activities our body system starts functioning a high rate and then we need more oxygen which we don’t really get and when we don’t get enough oxygen then we breathe at a higher pace that usual and it sometimes even alter our focus.

When we are angry we have a metabolical reaction in our body and our body gets heated up from inside. And whenever we are in such kind of state, the amount of blood in our blood decreases and if we have lack of oxygen then the nutrients in our body will ultimately decrease and toxins will start to build in our blood. It is believed that oxygen less environment or lack of oxygen in our blood can promote the cancer creating cells in our body. So I advise you to better be careful with your breathing as I don’t think that you would want to invite such danger to you.

With this you might be wondering that we cannot actually control our breathing then why should we pay attention to it as it happens automatically. Well I suggest you that you think about how you breathe and focus on your breathing. As if you can understand and work on breathing then it will enhance the quality and quantity of your breathing.

You can perform this small activity where you have block your left nostril with your thumb and try to breathe only through your right nostril. It may sound a bit absurd and it is a difficult task to do as it puts a lot of pressure on your body to pump oxygen this way but it will really help to enhance your breathing. It is an ancient yogic practice and even suggested by therapists to cool down your breathing and to even make it sounder and that can definitely help you to relax.

Well have you ever seen a dog breathing? It breathes having his tongue out and mouth open which we term as panting. You can that practice, once with your mouth open and then with your mouth close. You will find that your breathing is increased and you can try putting a hand beneath your nose to feel the air that you are exhaling. Well this is the thing that helps dogs to remain cool during hot and sunny days.

When we sleep during night then the medulla center of our brain makes that sure that we keep breathing. That’s how lucky we are that we don’t have to remember about it. Well but as I said earlier, our breathing is much more vulnerable during the day time and it is during that time only that we can enhance our breathing.

So with this we arrive at the end of our tour. Hope you have learnt sufficiently in this tour about how do we breathe and how can we enhance it.

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