How do vitamins work?

The vitamins A, C, E, D, B, K help in keeping the body running by acting as building blocks. These are supposed to be consumed in small amounts for a constant and healthy functioning of the body. To discuss in a more detailed manner, we have broken down in a more understandable subtopics:-


Functions of Vitamins

The following are the roles of Vitamins:-

  1. They act as a maintenance worker and thus maintain the body
  2. They build and defend the body
  3. Vitamins level up the building of muscles and bones
  4. Vitamins make sure that the nutrients are used utmost
  5. They also play an important role in healing wounds

Sources of Vitamins

Fungus, plants develop their own vitamins and we humans don’t. Well, so how should we feed our body with abundant vitamins? We do this by eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are enriched with these vitamins.

Types of Vitamins

Vitamins are mainly of two types namely lipid soluble and water soluble. Discussion about these is mentioned below:-

  • Lipid soluble

They are found in fats in dairy, butter and oils. The journey of lipid soluble is a bit more complex.

After travelling to the stomach and intestine they reach the bile (an acidic substance) that flows in the liver. The fat is broken down and prepared for absorbing through the intestinal wall.

As fat soluble vitamins cannot use bloodstream, they seek the help of proteins. The proteins get attached to the vitamins acting as a courier by transporting the fat soluble into the blood and around the blood as well

  • Water soluble

These are complex of Vitamin B and Vitamin C originating from eight whole different types and are in charge of functioning of something unique and different.

The journey of these vitamins starts when they dissolve in the water portion of fruits and vegetables. This emphasizes that the passage through the body is simple and straightforward. As soon as the foods are strictly digested, the vitamins will follow the lead of the bloodstream.

As blood plasma is water-based, the transport of Vitamins C and B are sorted out already. This gives them the entitlement of moving freely around the body.

Excretion of Vitamins

Lipid soluble vitamins

Lipid soluble vitamins are entitled to stay. The treatments they receive from the body are of panty and are stored in liver and fat cells and hence are used as per the needed requirement. Therefore, we should not overload our body with these vitamins as we have good storage of them already

Water-soluble vitamins

The circulation of water soluble vitamins is easy and so is the passing out through the kidneys. Thus the replenishment is essential for water soluble vitamins on a daily basis.

Consuming these vitamins should always be balanced and should not be overdosed as too much of anything is not healthy.

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