How do your kidneys work?

Kidneys perform the duties of keeping us alive by maintaining the working smoothly.  If we have no kidneys, our bodily fluids inside us will just be uncontrollable. Every time we would eat, it would just be a load to our body with unsifted ingredients. This will build a waste that will lead to overload and thus will result in our expiry. 


Kidneys: The Magic Beans In Our Body

Kidneys are responsible for balancing the fluid in our body by detecting waste in our blood thus recognizing the time of releasing the vitamins and minerals as well as hormones for us to stay alive. 

The main job of kidneys is just to dispose of the waste products and then convert them into urine. The fact is the body’s eight liter of blood pass through the kidneys at least 20 times a day. This emphasizes that the organs are responsible for filtering about 180 liters for every 24 hours. 


There is a constant modification in the ingredients of the blood as the food and drinks are consumed and this is the very reason why kidneys are supposed to be on permanent duty. The blood entering the kidneys through arteries just branch and branch and end up forming tiny vessels that get entwined with special internal modules which are called nephrons.

Working of nephrons

The nephron filters the blood and to do that every nephron seek the help of two pieces of equipments:-

  • Glomerulus-It is a blob like structure. The duty of the glomerulus is to pass vitamins and minerals into the tubule. The follow up job of the vessel is to detect if any of these ingredients are needed in the body. If that’s the case then they get reabsorbed in the amount the body requires so that circulation of blood can take place again. 
  • Tubule- It is a long, stringy and straw like structure- Besides containing useful ingredients, there are waste products too, and that’s when the tubules come to play. They sense the ingredients that the body no longer needs. The leftovers from the breakdown of proteins get directed as urine out of the kidneys. They get out through a pair of long sewers which are known as ureters. 

The tubes help the body in getting rid of urine by emptying the contents into the bladder to be discharged 

Level Of Water In Blood

If a human being has drunk a lot of water, there will be extra liquid in the body which the kidney detects in the blood which will hence be removed. Likewise, if a human being has drunk less water it leads the kidney to release some back into the bloodstream which means that less urine makes it to the urine. This justifies the situation where urine is yellow when a person is dehydrated. Thus, the kidney maintains the body fluid levels. 

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