How does caffeine keep us awake?

How does caffeine keep us awake?

Caffeine is used very much in many ways tea, coffee, energy drinks etc. it keeps us awake but how? A by a product called adenosine is produced when we perform our daily activities; it slows down the brain activity. Our brain has got receptors that are perfectly in shape to mould adenosine. When receptors bind with adenosine it slows down the brain activity and makes us feel dizzy or sleepy. Drinking coffee keeps us awake because it contains caffeine which after digestion directly reaches to our brain and binds itself to adenosine receptors by replacing adenosine from there. In this way, we keep us ourselves awake through coffee.

Caffeine is a drug that is naturally produced in the leaves or seeds of some plants. It can also be produced artificially and added to food items. Why is it considered as a drug?

It is a drug because it stimulates or energizes the central nervous system. Intake of caffeine causes increased alertness. Besides, it is a mood booster too and gives temporary energy to people.


Where can caffeine be found?

Caffeine is found in tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks etc. and synonyms of caffeine are also coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino, brew, mocha etc.

Do not get confused between coffee and caffeine. Coffee is a drink where caffeine is a drug most commonly found in coffee, tea or any carbonated drink.

Most of us love to have coffee. Coffee’s aroma is magical and the taste is fantastic. So just because of these two reasons we people drink coffee?

No, coffee is helpful in many ways, not only these two attributes but coffee has many other qualities. One of those is coffee keep us awake. But how and what are other wonderful qualities of having coffee or caffeine?

How coffee or caffeine keeps us awake?

We, people, perform our daily activities like thinking, planning, working, watching TV, doing homework, playing, etc. when we perform these activities a by-product adenosine is produced. Adenosine slows down the brain activity and is responsible for our sleepy mood.

In our brain, there are adenosine receptors which are perfectly structured according to the size of adenosine. When adenosines get connected to these receptors, it activates them after which our brain works slowly and we feel sleepy or lack of energy. The more adenosine there is the more tired and sleepy you will feel. While you sleep the concentration of adenosine declines and brings wakefulness.

To concentrate or keep ourselves charged or no more feeling sleepy we drink coffee. Coffee works greatly by energizing us temporarily and removing our sleepy mood. How does it work?

After consumption of coffee, we don’t feel sleepy because coffee contains caffeine explained above. Caffeine is a drug, after digestion, it reaches to our brain. Caffeine is as similar to adenosine in structure. Being similar, caffeine binds itself to adenosine receptors and blocks the way of adenosine to receptors. Hence, adenosine does not bind to the receptors; after then our receptors work brightly, energized, slow brain activity gets removed and we remain awake and feel fresh.

Other qualities of caffeine-

Caffeine should always be taken in small amounts as large amount leads to dangerous results.

The small amount of coffee –

  • Helps in heart beating faster
  • Results in Rising blood pressure
  • Make more urine
  • Leads to have more stomach acid

The larger amount of coffee –

  • Makes one feel restless or anxiety
  • Create problems in sleeping or having sleep troubles.

Stomach issues, depressed feeling, sleeping problems take place when a person consumes a lot of caffeine every day.

A short video is attached below to describe caffeine, its work and negative results when a person consumes coffee more than required or needed.

Some Facts about caffeine-

  1. Caffeine has been used by the people since Stone Age.
  2. European people started drinking coffee around 1600AD.
  3. It’s better to avoid coffee or caffeine by kids. Their body will grow better if they avoid coffee and also will get better sleep and remain healthy.
  4. Energy drinks have less caffeine than coffee.
  5. Caffeine is found in more than 60 plants.
  6. Bees too love caffeine’s and it helps their brains too.

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