How false news can spread

We hear news every time and every where. Many of the times, the news that reach us could be too good to be true. Media is to be held accountable for the spreading of false news to a larger audience world wide. Another widely accepted notion is that false news spread at a faster rate than truth. To an extent, false news could be inviting some serious damage to person, property or anything.

Old v/s New

In the olden days, the new information were collected in person and then published in news papers or magazines or any platforms. But in recent times, the scenario is different. ‘Circular reporting’ is happening in a way that there is no value for the credibility and authenticity of the information rather the reporters rely on trending and already published news  while neglecting its source.

It would be surprising to take into account the most handy website since any person can change or edit the information in that website. Circular reporting is at its peak in

Role of modern technology

The role played by modern technology is visibly huge. With the advancement and development of internet and high speed network accessibility, the space between the source of information and the public became narrowed. As a result, without taking into account the validity of a news they tend to swallow it.

When the desire to quick answers over power the desire to check the credibility of the news, the risk gets stronger.


The spreading of false news could be controlled to a limit if each individual or person decides to pass the information after checking and confirming the credibility and validity of the news. People should invest a little time in doing so as spreading false news could be as dangerous as it could be imaginable.

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