How to develop the interest in studies for school students

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I remember the day when I was going school for the first time. There was nervousness but at the same time was very excited when my mother told me that a school is a beautiful place where I will meet new people and make friends and learn as many things. I think this happens with almost every student in the starting of their school life because there is so much curiosity in their minds to know about the new things in the world. Every day they come across many things and discover something new out of it. But eventually, this enthusiasm of students starts draining away due to several reasons. At that point of time tackling with their disinterest becomes very important because no matter whatever students do in their life, education is very important for them to achieve something. And this has to be made realized to the students everytime when they deviate from their studies by developing their interest towards it. But developing interest of students in studies is quite a difficult task. Before knowing how to develop the interest of students in the students. Let us know what is interest and why developing interest of students in studies is so difficult.


What is interest?

The word ‘interest’ is something which we often use. It actually means a sense of curiosity about something and this something could be anything.

Why developing the interest of students in studies is so difficult?

Using this word for ourselves is easy but when it comes to applying to others, it becomes little tough because everyone’s interest is entirely different from one another. We cannot force our interest of things on other, especially children. Molding or diverting their minds towards studies is very difficult because of various reasons such as:-

  • Kids are always in a fun mood, so they face difficulty in concentrating.
  • Some children feel boredom in studies.
  • Some children face family problems due to which they don’t have interest in studies.
  • Some are more interested in sports or games that studies become irrelevant to them.
  • Some children are more active in doing artwork only ( like painting, dancing, singing, etc) and forget studies.
  • Due to lack of motivation, some children deviate from studies

Apart from all of the above, there might be many other factors due to which students lose interest in studies. Knowing all these, parents, as well as teachers, try their best to develop curiosity or interest in students for studies so that they can learn the fundamentals of any subject.

Important ways to develop the interest in studies for school Students:-

Developing interest of students in studies is a huge task as already mentioned earlier, so this cannot be done alone. For this, both parents and teachers play an important role because a student or a child is at first mainly close to parents or family and then to their teachers. So, first of all, let’s see how parents can develop the interest of their children in studies.

Parents role

  1. Parents should actively look into their children’s school tasks regularly –  If parents will ask their children on a daily basis that how they are doing in class? What kind of homework they got or are they doing well in school tasks or not? Do they need anything related to school studies? Parents should constantly help their children in preparing their tests or at least monitor their work. If parents will show their interest like this or by asking all kind of above questions from their children, they will definitely show their interest towards studies.
  2. Parents should meet their child’s teacher – Parents should meet their child’s teacher on a regular basis to get an update on the child’s progress in studies. Through this way only, parents will know where their child is lacking and how to help in that. Also, parents should attend parents- teacher meeting and also attend activities related functions like sports day with their child. This will develop a close partnership between parents and their child which further leading to its interest in studies.
  3. Parents should set a routine for their children at home – Parents should set a balanced timetable for their children, like fixed time for studies, playing and doing other activities. This will develop a habit of giving proper time to studies and at the same time will make them disciplined.
  4. Parents should give motivation to their children – Parents should always motivate their children no matter what the situation is. They should always push their children to move ahead in studies for their betterment and provide a position attitude towards studies.
  5. Parents should always be ready to talk to their children – Children have many issues in studies which they hesitate to tell anyone. So parents should always have a friendly talk with their children. In this way, children will open up and will solve their studies related problems with the help of their parents. This way they will develop an interest in studies.

Teacher’s role

  1. Teachers should relate the subjects to daily life – Teachers should try hard to relate the subjects to children’s daily lives so that they can apply in life whatever they learn from different subjects. In this way, they will show more interest in studies.
  2. Teachers should teach subjects in a fun way – Many subjects are really boring for children, so teachers should teach those subjects in a more creative way and make the process of learning a lot more fun. A teacher should try organizing a competition or classroom game to help children learn something. A teacher should also use more audio-visual teaching aids for developing the interest of students in studies.
  3. Teachers should allow children to participate in the teaching process – Teachers should time to time ask children to give their input on the subject to be taught in the class. In this way, students will feel more connected to the subjects and will develop more interest into that.
  4. Teachers should not shout or get angry on students – Teachers should not scare children by screaming on them. Instead, teachers Should have friendly relations so that children understand subjects easily and show more interest in it.
  5. Teachers should understand the interest of students and motivate them – Teachers should understand their students’ hobbies, likings, and goals and other interests so that subjects can be better related to the students. In this way, they understand subjects easily and gain more interest in it. Also, teachers should motivate their students to move ahead in life from time to time.

Through above-mentioned ways, we can surely develop the interest in students for studies. Though it sounds difficult for some Parents in today’s time but we can never stop trying for our children who are future of our nation. So teachers and parents should better be prepared themselves to understand the needs of their children.

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