Identify Sentences Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

Grammar is the back bone of any language. Although, in English the rules of grammar can look ever so twisted and arbitrary, it makes learning English grammar that much more fulfilling and exciting. A sentence is a string of words that have a proper grammatical structure and adequately expresses the thoughts in a meaningful way. It is important for a child to be thorough with this topic by the time they are 7 or 8 years old. Everything they ever learn in the future will obviously need them to construct and comprehend sentences perfectly. These work sheets will help your child start out on that journey by teaching them how to identify sentences.

Sentences Identification Practice Worksheets

Identify Sentences Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

All complete sentences must have all three of the following features : A subject, a verb and a predicate.

A subject is the person, place or thing that perform the verb of the sentence.

The verb of a sentence is the action word(s) that describe what the subject is doing.

The predicate is the information being conveyed about or afflicted to the subject.

Eg : Tuli goes to school.

In the above sentence, “Tuli” is the subject, “goes” is the verb and “to school” is the predicate. Each of these words are important and need to be included in the sentence for the sentence to make sense.

On the other hand,  lines like “Tuli school”/ “Tuli goes to” / “Goes to school”  fails to establish a connection between the two words and thus the line is rendered meaningless.  “Tuli school” is not a sentence.

After your child is familiarized with this idea, ask them to match each of the criterion with the lines given in the worksheets. If they are able to find all three elements, arranged in an appropriate order then the given line is a sentence.

Identify Sentences Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

# Identify the Sentence Exercise 3

With constant practice your child is sure to get a grip on the topic.  They will need your help in the early stages as there are a lot of facets that need to be looked into before determining if a series or words make up a sentence or not. Instead of blindly marking on the paper, ask your child to put rational thought into the answers and solve the questions systematically. They should be able to justify what they wrote. It is more important to clear the basic concept than to get each and every answer right on the first try.

Download and print these worksheets for free to help your child learn to identify sentences and built a strong base for their English skills.

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