Identify the object Worksheet for Kindergarten

Who doesn’t want their children to learn and grow. Enhancing kids knowledge now has a easier way so much of creative and wonderful activities that kids will love. Given below is an interesting way to teach kids about things how will the kids know what a given thing or animal is called this worksheet is a must try this will surely help children to identify the things in day to day life that they encounter whether it’s a bag , ball or say any other thing.

Also the amazing part are the realistic pictures we all know that pictures captures children attention which will make them curious to learn also it will help them learn spellings which will automatically enhance their vocabulary now this is a great deal that sharpen both vocabulary as well as identifying skills.

Look at the pictures given below with words identify the picture and try to put the given words in a way that it will spell the name of the picture. Easy right yes it is. Now try these amazing worksheets with children hope it’ll be great fun.


Identify the object Worksheet for Kindergarten


  • A wheeled motor vehicle usually used for transportation.
  • The word excites (yes it does) everyone dreams having a car after all it is a sign of luxury .
  • Cars usually excited children their fascinating colours the roar sound that it makes as soon as its get started the thought gives goosebumps.
  • Sometimes it even turns out to be scary the speed that some might like can turn out to be dangerous too.

2. Pen

  • ‘Pen’ sounds familiar yes, it is a writing instrument that is used in everyday life .
  • Filled with ink when scratched on paper does magic.
  • It’s a magic tool which can help to change life courses.

3. Dog

  • A dog is a pet animal with a life expectancy of only 16 -17 years .
  • Dogs are called as men’s best friend and not just they are called but they actually are men’s best friend they always stay loyal to the one they are connected with .
  • They usually make baking sound which can some time scary children.


4. Tree

  • Tree is plant with branches, trunk, roots, etc.
  • Trees are precious they give all the living creatures life they have so much to give but takes nothing in return.
  • They provides with most important life supporting thing oxygen and food.
  • The two things without we can imagine life. -They are necessity and we should surely put more efforts to preserve them.


  • It is an open top container with handle
  • It is usually used for holding liquids be it of any kind
  • In the picture the given cup is holding a hot liquid may be tea or coffee.
  • It can be made up of both glass or steel.

6. Cat

  • Cat which is also called as domestic cats
  • When kept indoor they are termed as per cats.
  • They have strong paws which are enough to provide a serious damage to anyone who is attacked .
  • Their babies are called kittens.
  • An amazing fact about cats is that they can rotate their ears 180 degrees.
  • Cats make meow sound .

7. Bee

  • Bee is a flying insect closely related to ant
  • Bees are considered as the main agents for pollination
  • Bees are found everywhere where there are flowers
  • Bees has many species the most common of them all is ‘Honey bee’.
  • Honey bee are usually responsible for producing honey.

8. Van

  • A van is a road vehicle which is used for transporting people or goods
  • Van are usually of many types depending on it’s usage.

9. Hat

  • A hat is head cover which is worn for various reasons.
  • The reason may vary for outing, for a ceremony or any thing important occasion.

10. Star

  • A. Star is an object with luminous plasma in the sky
  • Some stars are visible through naked eyes but sone are far in distance.
  • Tbey usually shine like a diamond in the sky

11. Cow

  • It is a mature female cattle.
  • Cow is a domestic animal
  • Cow gives us milk which is an important food for a healthy being .
  • In India, cows are even worshipped they are considered as goddess.

12. Map

  • A map is a pictorial representation of regions, places, countries etc.
  • Maps are used to find ways ,location
  • You can easily find your way out in an unknown location with the help of map.

13. Sun

  • A sun is a star located in the centre of solar system.
  • It is yellow in colour.
  • It gives out energy in the form of light
  • It’s a giant heat ball full of heat.
  • It also gives out harmful UV rays.

14. Ten

  • Ten is an even natural number following 9 and preceding 11
  • Ten is also the smallest two digit number.
  • It is the first double digit number .

15. Leaf

  • Leaf is an above ground plant which are green
  • They are involved in the process of photosynthesis and gas exchange
  • They make food for the plant.

16. Duck

  • Duck is a water animal but it can survive on both water as well as land
  • Ducks are harmless creatures they don’t usually harm humans
  • Ducks are the female male ducks are called as Drake.

17. Egg

  • Egg is a white ball mainly from a chicken.
  • They can be cooked with their shells broken as well unbroken.
  • When a egg is boiled it is simply cooked unbroken but when an omelette is made or when an egg is added to any other recipe it is cooked with it’s shell unbroken.
  • It consist of a yellow substance called yolk which is very nutritious.

18. Bag

  • A bag is a soft container.
  • Usually used to hold things.
  • It may be made up of cloth, leather, plastic or any other material.
  • Children usually carries another form of bag which is school bag

19. Mat

  • Mat is flat rectangular object usually used for siting or may be doing yoga or exercise.
  • The mats which are used for placing outside or inside the entrance of a house are usually called as doormat.

20. Pan

  • Pan is a deep cooking utensil used cooking food.
  • With a flat bottom and a handle .
  • Used for making sauces, boiling milk or water .

21. Socks

  • It is a piece of clothing which is worn on the feet.
  • It covers the ankle area and sometimes half area of the calf
  • It comes based on many types winter socks, summer socks, school socks etc.

22. Bone

  • It is a boned shape toy usually made for dogs to play.
  • It comes in many different t colour.

23. Hen

  • Hen it is commonly referred as a female animal.
  • Hen lays egg they are usually brown or maybe white in colour.
  • They are generally harmless creatures.

24. Mouse

  • Mouse plural mice is a small rodent.
  • It is kind of mammal with a pointed snout small round ears.
  • It can be harmful and can cause several diseases in human.

25. Log

  • The stem and main wooden axis of tree are called logs.
  • It is a Small wooden piece cut out from the tree with the help of axe or any other machinery
  • It is usually same as the colour of the tree slightly brown with some cracks

26. Pig

  • A pig is a animal usually found shade pink.
  • They can be wild as well as pet.
  • Wild pig can cause several disease in humans .

27. Bell

  • It is a type of bell that usually produces a sound of jingle
  • They come in many bright colour given is the golden one.
  • They are usually used in Christmas season.

28. Hand

  • Hand is a body part located at the end of the forearm .
  • Consist of ten fingers five on each hand.
  • Humans usually have two hands .

29. Can

  • It is a container used for storage or transportation of goods.
  • The given picture is a fish can usually made of tin or steel.
  • Mostly packaged food comes in these can.

30. Pin

  • Pin is device uses for sticking objects together .
  • Board pins are used for sticking material on boards.
  • It’s small in size but have a sharp end.

31. Bed

  • A bed is a piece of furniture which is used to sleep or relax.
  • As being a type of furniture beds are usually made up of woods.
  • They come variety of design and height to choose as per preference.

32. Top

  • It is a spinning toy which is usey used by the kids to play .
  • It has a sharp point at the bottom which helps it to spin.
  • It is usually made of wood or may be plastic .

33. Fish

  • Fish is an aquatic animal that loves in water
  • They uses hills to breathe father than lungs.
  • They lacks limbs like hands, legs or say toes
  • Their are thousand of species of fish all over the world.

34. Book

  • A book is a medium used for recording information
  • They store information in the form of pictures and writings.
  • Their are books on almost every topic.
  • Books are one’s best friend.

35. Jet

  • It is an aircraft designed for carrying small groups through air
  • It is a air transport that can cover a large distance in hours.

36. Pen

  • ‘Pen’ sounds familiar yes, it is a writing instrument that is used in everyday life .
  • Filled with ink when scratched on paper does magic.
  • It’s a magic tool which can help to change life courses.

37. Lip

  • Lip are strong movable structure on face
  • It serves as an opening for food intake directly connected to the food pipe.
  • It’s one of the sensitive organs.

38. Owl

  • Owls are a group of birds that belong to the order of Strigiformes .
  • They stay awake at night and sleeps during the day.
  • They are usually found in forest .
  • There are almost 200 species of owl.

39. Fox

  • Fox are small to medium sized mammal.
  • They are swift runners and lives in with a group .
  • A female fox is called vixen.
  • There are almost twelve species of fox found all over the world
  • Red fox is the most common. Of them all.

40. Frog

  • Frog is any member of Carnivores, short amphibians .
  • They can survive on both land and water
  • Frog cannot survive in salty water.
  • They usually hatch as tadpoles from the eggs.

41. Drum

  • Drum is one of the important member of musical instrument.
  • It is played with hands using a drumstick.
  • Drum produces a banging sound.

42. Ant

  • Ant is a type of insect which is similar to wasp another kind of insect.
  • Ant usually lives in group and they gather their food in group.
  • Ant can bite they bard hard.

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