Initial Sounds Worksheets for Kids

Once kindergarteners have learnt the alphabet, the next step is learning to read and construct words. The activities of writing and pronouncing words are quite distinct from one another and hence require separate guidelines. The first step in learning how to pronounce any word is to decode that word.

What is word decoding?

It is the application of inherent letter-sound relationships to words to correctly pronounce them.

Now, children instinctively understand how a word sounds but explicit instruction is often beneficial. The basic way to approach a word is to identify the starting letter and sound it out slowly, correlating the sound with the specific letter. Now, do the same with every successive letter of the word and blend the sounds together to correctly pronounce the word. This process allows kids to clearly understand how letters and their sounds constitute a word’s correct pronunciation. With time and practice, children will be able to recognize patterns in words and pronounce them correctly by simple looking at them, without sounding out the entire word. This will help them progress and eventually become fast and efficient readers.

Initial Sounds Worksheets for Kids

This is the first worksheet. The task here is very simple – identify the word depicted in the picture and then circle the starting letter.

Common pictures of fruits and butterflies are provided in the worksheet which allows children to easily identify the word. Once they know what the word is, it becomes easier to determine the starting letter.

Ask children to spell out the entire word after identifying the first letter – this will allow them to have a better understanding of letters and how they make up a word.

Words such as ‘elephant’ and ‘umbrella’ are quite big and can be challenging for children to break down on their own. A helpful trick is to sound out the word to them slowly and asking them to repeat it – hearing the correct pronunciation will help reinforce the process.

Simple words such as ‘ant’, ‘bag’, ‘egg’. etc are a great way to start the process of learning pronunciations. Children instinctively know how to sound out these words and is a great boost for their confidence.

While sounding out each letter is important, it is vital to focus on blending the sounds in order to achieve the correct pronunciation of the word.

Familiar words and pictures provide a sense of comfort to young learners as it allows them to relate what they’re learning to their life and surroundings,

Worksheets are a fun and creative alternative to book learning and are a great way for children to enjoy themselves.

Pictures pique the interests of young minds and keep them motivated during their activity.

Schoolwork can often feel like tedious and mindless work so make sure your child is concentrating on the task at hand.

Remember that this is a new activity and a new challenge for a young learner and so it is crucial to be patient during the process. Worksheets are a great way to approach new tasks and help your child have fun and learn all at the same time.

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