Lion Animal Facts for Kids


Where are they found?

Lions are originated in savannahs, Campos, thick bush and woodlands. Lions could be established throughout the Middle East, Greece and also in Northern India.

Presently, only a minute population of lions reside in India. Majority of lions can be located in Africa, but their quantity is becoming less due to of the loss of habitation.

How do they live?

Lions reside in batch that are known as prides. There are about 10-20 lions in a pride. Each pride has a home region that is marked as its territory. Lions do not permit unknown animals to kill in their territory. The area can be as vast as 100 square miles.

What is life span of lion?

Lions can develop to 48 inches in length and scale between 300 to 500 pounds. Lions survive the expanded life in captivity. They can touch up to 25 years of age when looked after in zoos. In the woods, their existence is very much difficult and many lions hardly touch the age of 10.

What do they eat?

Lions are meat eater, which means that they survive on meat. Mice, lizards, tortoises, warthogs, antelopes and even crocodiles are included part of a lion’s meal. Because they frequently lap over kills made by cheetahs and leopards, forage food provides more than 50 percent of their food in region like the Serengeti plains.

The females do the killing, but the males will aid if the females are having hard time hunting a huge animal. However, the male, if the first to consume. When the male is completed, the females and the cubs may feed.

 What is reproduction cycle of lion?

Lioness is a feminine lion. They are all set to have young ones when they are 2-3 years old. Offspring include two or three cubs that scale about 3 pounds each. Some mothers gingerly raise the young.

Generally, two or more females in a pride give childbirth about the same time, and the cubs are nature altogether. A lioness will allow cubs other than her own to breastfeed.

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