Mangoes Round The Year

How does food get spoilt?

Food when exposed to air/moisture for a long period of time gets attacked by a number of micro-organisms that spoil it.

Have you seen your mom keeping left food items in the refrigerator?

Food is kept in the refrigerator to prevent it from spoilage, as most organisms cannot survive low temperatures.

How do you find that the food is spoilt?

If the food does not taste good, or has a foul smell/a bad odor, or if it has lumps of fungi or bacteria, it means it is spoilt and is not fit to eat.

For example: Sprinkle some water on a piece of white bread and pack it in a tiffin. See it after 2-3 days and you’ll see some blackish spots on the bread. What are these? These are spots of fungi that has spoilt the bread.

We will now discuss how are mangoes, being a summer fruit, can be used throughout the year-

Remember the summer vacations, all play, no work and just fun filled days? The time after playing in the scorching heat, when mumma gives you some ‘khatta-meetha’ mango juice? Or chilled ripe mango fruits? Have you seen her drying mango pulp in the sun? Why does she do that?

well, she makes mango pickle. To keep it safe from any bacterial attack it is dried in the sun after adding some salt to it. Later, different spices are added that gives it flavors. Then the pickles are kept in well cleaned, boiled and sanitized in the sun glass jars and this mango pickle can be eaten throughout the year.

Another way to eat mango throughout the year is through making ‘aam papad’.

Oh oh oh this ‘khatta-meetha’ delicacy is the favorite part of childhood days. Getting scolded for eating too much and then getting a sour throat is a common problem in Indian Families after aam papad is made.

Mango sauce/chutney is another famous delicacy to eat a mango throughout the year.

Summer is a time full of fun and happiness. Summer vacations. ice creams, fruits, juices and what not. It’s the best part of the childhood days, specially when spent in maternal home. Mangoes are the most famous and most awaited fruits in the summer season. Full of vitamins, this fruit can be used in different ways and thus can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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