Most or Least Worksheets for Kindergarten

At kindergarten age children learn to count and begin to order the world around them, they can put things into categories and compare them with one another.


What does this worksheet include?

These printable worksheets for kindergarten kids include most and least objects. The children have to circle the object with most objects and cross the least objects.

You’ll Learn:

The printable worksheets on this page strengthen the knowledge of kindergarten and 1st-grade kids in comparing two or more quantities.

Instructions to use this worksheet

These worksheets will develop an understanding of numerical order and help children recognize the values of numbers as well. To use these Printables effectively one has to be constant while teaching and making them practice regularly.

Make a timetable while teaching them to suppose 1 hour a day. First, you do it and then see how quick they are to grasp that how it is done.

How to Teach Most or Least Concepts to Kids?

Try to teach children using charts and visuals, use cartoons if possible try to make it like a game for them so that they will be enthusiastic about it and would willing to learn. If they do good praise them, encourage them, and gift them with chocolates it will boost their confidence.

Teach more if necessary. Teach less. Then teach more and less. Break the task down into small steps. As much as possible, let your math class flow from concrete to figurative to abstract, and keep in mind that some children may need more concrete experience as you use edibles and novel manipulations to increase participation. 

Most or Least Worksheets for Kindergarten

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Most or Least Worksheet: 1

Most or Least Worksheet: 2

Most or Least Worksheet: 3


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