Multiplying Numbers Math Worksheets for Kids

Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are the basic mathematical operations that learners need to know in elementary school. A lot of children struggle while transitioning from addition and subtraction to division and multiplication. Multiplication worksheets are a great tool to boost a child’s knowledge of the concept. It promotes a deeper understanding of multiplication and also gives them ample practice. All of these help children master multiplication quickly and easily. The printable worksheet listed below will help the child sharpen his brain and he would also become confident while solving the problem sums.


What does this worksheet include?

The printable worksheets include basic multiplication and the use of multiplication table till 12. The printable worksheets below have one to two-digit sums. This worksheet would be suitable for children from 2nd grade to 5th grade.

You’ll Learn:

Multiplication worksheets offer many benefits.

  • Practice

    Practice makes a person perfect. As much as a child will solve the multiplication tables he will become more expert and it will help him to solve the bigger problems with newfound confidence.

  • Different types of problems:

    They’ll get to solve word problems, equations, multiple-choice questions, multiple digit multiplication problems, etc.

  • Logical reasoning abilities:

    Solving multiplication worksheets conjointly helps kids develop their logical reasoning and drawback finding skills.

  • Flexibility:

    Printable Worksheets facilitate kids learning at their own pace. they’ll pay the maximum amount of time as they have to grasp the idea and solve problems.

Instructions to use this worksheet

To use this worksheet effectively and efficiently parents should test their child’s knowledge, after finishing the multiplication tables. Making them solve worksheets would help the parents identify their areas of problem, and they can work on it. Printable Worksheets are designed to keep children engaged and interested in learning the concept. Solving problems on printable worksheets help bridge the learning gap.

Ways to Teach Multiplication to Kids?

Students usually struggle to memorize multiplication facts on the first try. It is not possible for every child which further leads to the fear of multiplication tables.

Relating addition to multiplication

The simplest way to begin teaching multiplication is to associate the concept in terms of its reference to addition – an operation that children should already be comfortable with.

For example:

2 x 2 is the same as 2 + 2

Start with easy numbers

Cover the multiplication table, starting with the easy numbers like even numbers (2,4,6) they are easier to catch and memorize.

To review, your children should now understand that multiplication can be thought of as repeated addition.

One effective approach works as follows:

Display a chart or overhead slide of the 12 x 12 multiplication table. If a 12 x 12 chart seems too hard, perform the same process with a 10 x 10 multiplication chart.

Try to make them understand using different shapes, matching the boxes. These are a few tricks that help students memorize easily because visuals try to teach them and make it fun so that they won’t rebel.

Multiplying Numbers Math Worksheets for Kids

Multiplying Numbers Math Worksheets for Kids

Multiplication Worksheet 1

Multiplication Worksheet 2

Multiplication Worksheet 3

Multiplication Worksheet 4

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