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What are the different methods to lend someone money or loan?

  • We can borrow money for anything.
  • It can be an emergency , for education, for buying something expensive etc..
  • We may also need money to start up a new business.
  • We may lend loans from banks.
  • Banks are the most common and the traditional source of funds for individuals.
  • We may borrow money from credit unions.
  • In villages generally the person who has a specific amount of money then the others lend the money.
  • It may be the head of the panchayat.
  • Villagers also make money by working on other person’s fields.
  • But farmers think that when there will be no rain for at least 6 months then they will have no work.
  • But farmers can work in the sugarcane fields when there is no rain.
  • Also, water can be drawn from tube wells, canals, wheel for water lifting etc..

What arrangements are made for old and unwell family members when everyone is out?

  • Keep a maid who can look after them or can cook for them when everyone is out.
  • If someone can’t afford a maid then they should keep every necessary items at their sight so that they can take it by themselves and know where is kept everything.
  • If the working distance is less from your home then you can come home at intervals to look after them if everything is ok.

What happens when someone is not able to go to school for a long time?

  • He/she may forget whatever they have learnt in the school before.
  • School is a way by which one can remain in discipline and can do his/her regular studies.
  • Also, he/she might get rusticated or suspended for not coming to school from a longer period of time.
  • But if due to an emergency you are not able to go to school then you can do self study at the home itself.
  • There will arise many  doubts but at least the habit of regular  studying will increase.

What are the similarities and the differences in the lives of different kinds of farmers?

Similarities in the lives of different kinds of farmers are:

  • All the farmers are dependent on their farms  to earn their living.
  • Farmers have to borrow money for their farming purposes.
  • Most of the farmers lack education.

Dissimilarities in the lives of different kinds of farmers are:

  • Not all farmers are capable of buying a land for farming, some of them had to work on other people’s farm for a living.
  • Not all farmers follow the same method of farming. Some follow modern methods while some are still dependent on the traditional methods.
  • Different farmers grow different varieties of crops depending upon the yield and the market value.

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