Creative Outdoor Activities for Kids

It is important for physical and mental development of children that they do some outdoor activities. We are here with collection of outdoor activities and games for kids.  You can prepare your children to go outside for a day of fun. Whether they love to play with water or walk on sand, we have plenty of activities to get your child off the sofa and have some fun outside home.


Walk on Sand

Sand is so soft that everyone loves it especially during evening time. If you’re not close to sea, you can make small sand bed in your garden for your kids. It is quite a fun to try it.


Painting with Water : Outdoor activity for tots

Children loves to paint. If provided opportunity they can paint the whole world. During summer, we can give them bucket of water and few painting tools and watch what they paint!


How To Make a Giant Water Bed

Water can refresh you in high temperature. This is amazing idea to create water bed. Children will love to play over it for hours.


Make Creative Items with Lemonade Stand Prints

Printables are one of most fascinating thing. Kids can create almost anything with simple cutting and gluing. Lemonade print will be most suitable for summer. You can give them a try to refresh your kids in high summer.


DIY Bubbleshooter


Homemade Ice Paints

Ice paint is cool stuff. They can make painting more interesting for your children.


Water Balloon Parachute

We all love flying thing. You can make flying parachute with balloon for your children.


Play with Water Balloon

Hang some water balloon in your garden with rope and leave your children to play with them. They can spend hours with them.


DIY Sprinkler

Sprinkler can give you feel of rainy season in high summer. They will also add to the beauty of your garden. Here is a simple way to make your own sprinkler.


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