Paragraph on ‘My Mother’

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‘My Mother’ is one of the important topics on which students can be asked to write a paragraph in exams in school. Please check the various samples (in 100 words, 150 words, 200 words, and 300 words) provided below for the paragraph.


Paragraph on “My Mother” in 100 words

My mother has shown me what an angel looks like in real life and helped me find my way in the world. My mother is the first person to teach me the value of living a moral life, so I have unique esteem and admiration for her. She has aided my father and every member of my family in all of our life decisions, which is why I love her. My mother represents my love, integrity, compassion, and truth. A mother is, in a child’s eyes, the most loving and caring person they could possibly meet. The person you can always rely on and who is both your best and first friend is your mother.

Paragraph on “My Mother” in 150 words

My mother is my superwoman, though she is just an average woman. She helped and boosted me along the way at every turn. Regardless of the situation, she was always available to me, day or night. Moreover, I find inspiration in all of her work and in the way she perceives devotion and behavior. She is the epitome of sincerity, love, and truth. Additionally, she bestows her blessings and life on her family. She also never asks for anything in return; she just offers everything to us. She motivates me to treat every member of the family with the same level of care in the future. She would act as my light and help me navigate the darkness when I was terrified of it. Every mother is unique to her kids. She is an excellent educator, a sweet friend, and a rigorous parent. There is only one individual who appreciates us even more than our mother, and that is God.

Paragraph on “My Mother” in 200 words

Mothers play a vital role in everyone’s life since they serve as a person’s disciplinarian, friend, and guardian. A mother is the only unselfish, compassionate person whose warmth, selflessness, and affection know no limitations. My mother is the essence of a selfless, loyal, and loving person. She is the greatest and will do anything to defend me, my family, and my friends. Through all of life’s ups and downs, my mother has always been a persistent source of encouragement. She frequently wakes up early to take care of me when I’m unwell or having a rough day. My mother was the first person who ever taught me how to do anything, and she helped me to understand my duties to my family, the community, and the nation. I’m always inspired to keep moving in the correct direction by my mother’s contributions to the family. My mum is a live goddess who suddenly relieves my family and me of all our suffering and showers us with love. My mother is my mentor, my superwoman, and my closest friend. She has been a cornerstone of my learning and has assisted me in developing my talents and abilities. Success has come to me in every aspect of life thanks to my mother’s unceasing prayers and blessings.

Paragraph on “My Mother” in 300 words

Famous English author Rudyard Kipling famously penned the famous line, “God could not exist everywhere, so he made mothers.” She fills the voids in our lives and is the epitome of selfless kindness and love. The one person on whom I completely rely is my mother. She puts in a lot of effort and is the only one responsible for my improvement. She never differentiates among the family members and shows all members of our family the same amount of love and affection. She genuinely and unconditionally loves the family. She forgoes everything of her wants and desires in order to provide for her family. My mother has been my biggest source of inspiration and has been crucial to my overall, physical, and mental development. She gives my family the greatest environment possible and educates us properly by serving as the ideal role model. I frequently cite my mother as the expert nonverbal reader who has strengthened the family’s bond and made her the go-to person for any challenging mental, physical, or behavioral challenges. She instills lessons on confidence, trust, and emotional stability. She has played a significant role in how my brothers and I behave. She acts as the support system for my family’s emotions and greatly enhances its quality of life. She is capable of recognizing and maintaining affection for her family. The boldest characteristic of my mother is her capacity for patience and tolerance. She manages a number of issues while being composed and forgiving. My mother is a treasured symbol of patience, kindness, bravery, and selflessness. Nothing or anyone else in this world will ever be able to replace my mother’s unselfish devotion to our family. The mother figure, in my opinion, plays the most important and crucial part in a child’s life and development since she serves as the child’s most important role model. In her prime, it is our duty to shower her with the same love and adoration.

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