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‘Playground’ is one of the important topics on which students can be asked to write a paragraph in exams in school. Please check the various samples (in 100 words, 150 words, 200 words, and 300 words) provided below for the paragraph.


Paragraph on “Playground” in 100 words

A playground is a place where kids can play. Typically, they have playthings for kids to use, like slides, swings, and seesaws. A playground can improve your pavement surface and make your kids enjoy the playground more. Usually, they are outside, but occasionally, they are inside a building.

The playthings could be made of plastic, wood, or metal. If a youngster falls, the surface beneath the apparatus won’t be hard. You might find sand, woodchips, or a rubber floor there. You might find sand, woodchips, or a rubber floor there

Children can get some exercise on playgrounds. Not only children but adults can also use playgrounds to play and exercise.

Paragraph on “Playground” in 150 words

A playground is an area where children go to play many outdoor games. It can be a small or a big area. A playground is a completely enclosed area which is full of equipment including swings, a merry-go-round, seesaws, slides, etc. There are short green grasses all over the playground. Generally, it is maintained by the gardeners.

Often the playgrounds are thoughtfully designed and maintained. In large playgrounds, there are spaces divided for different outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, football, etc. Sometimes, the playground also has beautiful fountains and flowering plants that enhance their beauty to a greater extent.

People visit the playground for morning and evening walks. There are playgrounds for adults that offer exercise machines and walking paths. Thus, they get stronger and healthier and are able to maintain their physical condition. There are also benches available for elderly people. People also go there for picnics with their friends and family.

Paragraph on “Playground” in 200 words

The importance of playgrounds to civilization cannot be overstated. They support people in maintaining their health and fitness. It is highly healthful to move around a number of trees and walk on the grass. People feel happier and less stressed as a result of it. People get together and enjoy their time with their buddies. Children can play safely and unharmed in parks because there are no vehicles there. In addition, parks enhance the beauty and greenery of our environment. The playground area has been planted with trees, which is advantageous for the environment.

There are several reasons why people visit playgrounds. In the evening, kids go play with their pals on a playground. Many people visit there for a stroll in the morning or the evening to take in the scenery and the fresh air. Some people work out and practise yoga together in groups. Some individuals travel there to engage in pastimes like reading, drawing, or cycling.

Parks and playgrounds are being destroyed nowadays to make way for homes and buildings. When kids play on the road, they risk their safety. Our environment is negatively impacted by the lack of trees in the area. Everybody must maintain one playing area in a neighbourhood that is clean and lush.

Paragraph on “Playground” in 300 words

A playground is a component of any area. The healthy development of a personality requires both mental and physical development. In light of this, a playground is selected that is excellent in many ways. Almost every locality has its specific area for a playground. Children play many games and find it enjoyable to play there.

Many playgrounds have special areas for different games like cricket, volleyball, football, tennis court, etc.

A playground has numerous trees and flowering plants that enhance its beauty and make its ambience calm and pleasant.

In my locality, the playground also contains a large swimming pool for those interested in swimming. People also get swimming training there.

A playground plays a vital role in the fitness and well-being of humans. It allows people to directly interact with mother nature. Playing in the open playground and close to nature helps toddlers to develop physically, mentally as well as socially. It is also found in studies that playing freely in a natural environment has a soothing influence on issues with discipline and impulsive behaviour. Visiting a playground makes people stress-free and relaxed.

That’s the reason that the schools give importance to having a playground for the students. The more exposure kids get to outdoor play activities, the better their physical health will be. Activities that include climbing, stretching, balancing and sliding can be added to a school playground. Muscle strength, mental acuity, motor abilities, and strategic behaviour are all enhanced by outdoor exercise. Playing in the playground also enhances social interaction among the children. The kids have the chance to talk, connect, and gain confidence while playing this group activity. It also stimulates creativity in children.

Having a good playground is helpful for keeping kids active and healthy. In India, playground equipment in schools has a favourable effect on kids’ behavioural, social, physical, and cerebral development. Other benefits include a stronger immune system, improved critical thinking abilities, and higher self-esteem.

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