Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

All parents want their kids to be good readers and writers. There are so many ways of making a child learn new things and develop their confidence and make them strong. So, in this edition, we have brought worksheets that focus on the Sight Words.

The sight word education is one of the better ways to make your kid learn about new words and it brings astonishing benefits such as-  It helps building confidence, Helps in the reframing of the sentence, Boosts the kids’ energy, and many more.

Sight Word Practice Worksheets

In the first worksheet, the child will learn to trace the given words and then write the other words given below. Aforesaid, this worksheet practically works on the writing skills of the child. This worksheet represents a variety of words that kids of this generation would love to get familiar with. Furthermore, to make things interesting, a jumbled match of the column exercise is there as well. The kid needs to match the correct spelling with the Jumbled word.

For example- WORFLE will be matched with FLOWER.

Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

When kids really want to learn something, they are as smart as any. They need confirmation that they have what it takes to complete the tasks. These worksheets help the kids to become proactive with their studies.

WORKSHEET 2 Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

Just like the previous worksheet, it’ll help children learn the concept and improve their handwriting. Even if your child takes time and works on the same worksheet, they’re still absorbing the information which will come in handy.

WORKSHEET 3 Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

When a child sees something that he identifies, he has a better chance of reading that word out more efficiently and promptly than other words. Children’s ability to acquire new skills can never be underestimated.

WORKSHEET 4 Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

Across the several worksheets, the children are taught in such a way, they can spontaneously recognize and understand the words when they see them in a sentence.

WORKSHEET 5 Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

This worksheet has words like after, am, boy, etc that need to be traced. Match the jumbled words with the sight words.

WORKSHEET 6 Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

Make sure your kid has his full attention to the tasks.

WORKSHEET 7 Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

It can be a little tricky for the child to understand what these things actually mean, but it will be a piece of cake for him once he does.

WORKSHEET 8 Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

These worksheets allow for enough practice with word activities. These worksheets help children to master the fundamental skill of the English Language that would help them in their careers.

WORKSHEET 9 Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

Learning about new words is one of the important aspects that a kid needs to understand as quickly as possible. It also helps in creating a new relationship between different words.

WORKSHEET 10 Sight Word Worksheets for Grade 1

When a child needs to trace the words and then solve the jumbled questions, they become easily distracted or bored. In extension, they immediately forget the purpose of the task. It is the duty of the parents not to let this happen.


A child needs to commemorate how to read, spell and write these words. These practice worksheets will come in handy for the child in the future.


When a kid finds a word on the worksheet which he knows and understands, he is more likely to be attentive and excited to solve the problem rather than the words he is not familiar with.


Sight words worksheets encourage the children to understand what they are learning by rendering hints to the overall context of a sentence.


The kid will get used to these worksheets by now, and it will be easier for him to solve the remaining problems.


One of the key advantages of these worksheets is the constant increase in the knowledge of the child. Children keep on learning new words, a new concept every time.


If your kid can complete the worksheets with ease, then put the timer in front of him. Children are found to be more productive when they are under pressure. This will help them increase their speed.


Here you can find all types of worksheets that will make the study and education of your child fascinating. So, Download them now!

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