Subject & Predicate Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

English is always seen as a complex subject. It includes a lot of grammatical rules which are intimidating. But you can save your kids from this with lots of practice. Practice makes a man perfect and so will make your kids. To build the basics of your kids we have come up with these worksheets which are based on grammar. These worksheets will not feel like a cumbersome study but a really fun and quirky activity. this will make your kids curious and grab their interest in the subject. The worksheet starts with a very basic topic. It is quite easy to solve and will help your kids to enhance their wisdom.

Subject & Predicate Practice Worksheet

In the very first worksheet we provide you a very easy definition of what are sentences. We don’t want you to search for it in different places and teach your kids. It’s all here. the language is very simple and could easily brief your definitions. It is followed by the definition of subject and predicate. We suggest read them out to your kids and then ask them to read by themselves once again. This will also help with their reading skills. Please make sure they have understood the definitions well and got their concepts cleared.

The above-given worksheet is a very fun activity. now as after reading and understanding the definition, We believe that your kids have got what are sentences subject and predicate. So now it’s time to test their knowledge with a really fun activity. We have given some short and easy sentences. With the knowledge of subject and predicate, your kids have to underline the subject and draw a box around the predicate. Starting two questions are solved as examples now follow the same to solve rest.

By now as your kids must have got their concepts cleared about sentences and their parts subject and predicate. If they struggle somewhere do supervise them. There are pictures given with every sentence to make them clear what is the sentence referring to.  Print this worksheet so you can help them with revision when needed. We believe that these worksheets are really going to help your kids to form their blocks up for the English language.

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