Telling Time on a Clock Math Worksheets for Kids

As adults most of the time we forget the pain we go through to learn some of the most basic or everyday used concepts. And we take those skills for granted. One of the most typical examples of this is telling time. As overtime, reading a clock grows in our subconscious mind, we seldom think about it. In these telling time worksheets, we have provided exercises that will help you to learn the time telling skill easily and make you comfortable with reading analog clocks.


What does this worksheet include?

We have provided a good collection of worksheets. All of these worksheets come in printable format, which makes them more convenient. You can print these worksheets out and use them to practice comfortably. These worksheets would give you a lot of hands-on experience with the clocks, which will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

You’ll learn:

There are some prerequisites which everyone should have before starting to learn the skill of reading analog time. Telling time involves more than just regular number counting. Before diving directly into learning how to tell time, there should be some basic knowledge about the rules of reading time. Knowing a few basic rules such as, how many minutes make an hour, basic knowledge about the hands of the clock, and in which way it rotates, and so on. Having these basic ideas would surely give a head-start and help you to use these worksheets at full potential. These worksheets will help you to get a tighter grip on this topic.

Instructions to use this worksheet

Before starting with these worksheets and learning how to tell time, it is important that you should know why learning to tell time or read a clock is important. According to research, it is proven to be beneficial to know why you are learning something. Knowing the reason why you need to learn something helps us to validate the thing and make the learning process much easier as compared to when we don’t know the answer to “WHY”.

We have provided a good collection of printable worksheets here, which we advise to solve and use on daily basis. Solving in a go might not be the best solution to learning if you forget the concepts after a while. Regularly practicing would remove this risk of forgetting. Regular practice of things or concepts would embrace the rules of the same in your subconscious mind. This means you would not have to think that much before applying the rules and solving the problem.

These worksheets come in printable formats, which make them easier to use. You can add questions to these worksheets and draw on them. Using these worksheets in my spare time would also help. Like handing your child a worksheet and asking them to solve it while watching television. This would develop the cerebrum of their brain and increase their thinking abilities.

Interesting Activities and Ideas to Teach Telling Time

Some concepts can be tough for kids, and it is our job to reduce the stress of that topic and present it to them in a fun way. The aim should not be to just teach them the concepts rather it should be to teach them the topics in a way that will make them enjoy the process.

We are providing you with some activities which you can perform to make this learning journey more hassle-free.

First, teach them the hours.

Teaching the hours part in the clock is the easiest. There are twelve numbers, their positions in the clock, and the rotation style. After they know these, you can always throw some questions from the worksheets and make them solve the perfect clock times. For starters, you can also ask them to arrange the numbers in their respective positions on the clock.

Second, ask them to list all the major timing they encounter during a complete day.

These may include times when they go to sleep, wakes up, have their lunch, dinner, and breakfasts. Tell them to list the times and draw the clock hands’ positions in those respective times on paper.

After this, you need to teach them the terms like quarters, half-hour etc.  Before teaching this, familiarize them with the minute hand. Teaching them what is quarter or half of a circle is will help in this.

You can give them different pictures at different times and ask them to arrange them according to their times or give the times also and ask them to match those.

And finally, you can give our worksheets to them and ask them to draw their hands. Reverse solving things makes us more comfortable with the concepts.

QUIZ them regularly but not incessantly whenever they are free. This would help them to embrace the topic and never forget them.

Telling Time on a Clock Math Worksheets for Kids

Telling Time on a Clock Math Worksheets for Kids


Telling Time on a Clock Math Worksheets for Kids


Telling Time on a Clock Math Worksheets for Kids


Telling Time on a Clock Math Worksheets for Kids

Telling Time on a Clock Math Worksheets for Kids


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