The Deepest Hole in the World, And What We’ve Learned From It

An example of Failure is the opportunity to begin again shrewdly, is the Kola Superdeep Borehole.

It began during the Cold War, when the US and Soviets created ambitious projects to drill deeper than ever before. Back in 1970, Soviet scientists hoped to drill down to 15,000 m to comprehend the Earth’s crust for 24 years which came to a halt by 1994 with a record depth of 12,262 meters which remains a remarkable technological and scientific achievement after 2 decades. Bizarre!

The Kola Peninsula, deep in the Arctic Circle, can make this corner of Russia seem like a fairy tale, but amidst the natural beauty stand the ruins of an abandoned Soviet scientific research station, and in In the middle of the crumbling building is a heavy, rusty metal cap embedded in the concrete floor, secured by a ring of thick and equally rusty metal bolts. Some say that’s the gate of hell.

The welded-shut cap of a borehole that plummets more than 12 kilometers deeper in the earth. To drill it, engineers devised a method by which the drill bit at the end of the shaft was whirled, lubricant pressurized drilling mud was pumped down through a custom drill.

All this and we bear fruit of finding water down there, which was out of the blue which was surmised that it was squeezed out of rock crystals due to pressure which was 2.7 years old. Microscopic fossils were also discovered at depth of 6.7km by the Russians, cataloging the researchers with 24 species of single-cell plankton microfossils which were wrapped by organic carbon and nitrogen compounds.

The project eventually came to an end when the researchers found that the temperature was exceeding 180 degrees which ceased the drill. It was also described that the rocks at 12km act more like plastic.

The earths mantle doesn’t even begin until 35km below the surface, it then continues for another twenty eight hundred km is the center of inner core; more than sisty three hundred km below the surface. All this drilling and it roughly made 0.002% of the way to the middle of the earth.

Look at the earth from afar you will realize it is too small for us and just big enough to flabbergast us .

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