The history of tattoos

You might have seen some amazing tattoo designs somewhere on the internet, on the bodies of your favorite celebrities or just outside a tattoo parlour and have thought to get them for yourself too.

A tattoo is an amazing art which has turned out to be a fashion symbol these days. Tattoos make you look cool because you look attractive to them and they also reflect your personality.


What’s the history of this cool art!

The earliest evidence of tattoo dates back to 5000 BCE. Yes, tattoos are this old!

Tattoos are amazing mark made on the body by inserting colourful pigment in the skin.

Across the year’s tattoos had different forms and meanings.

You might have heard about Sir Charles Darwin, if not go find it out.

Charles Darwin wrote that “there was no country in the world that did not practice tattooing or some other form of permanent body”.

The evidence of actual tattoos is preserved as mummy which is from 3300 BCE.

Meanings of tattoos

The meanings of tattoos varied with the culture. Some made them simply for decoration while some even made them to remember things.

Today, tattoos are symbol of fashion and are very trendy. People get their favorite quotes tattooed, while some get the name of their lover written. Tattoos have infinite varieties today and they totally reflect your mindset and personality.

So, when are you getting one?

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