Tips for Beautiful Handwriting

Tips for Beautiful Handwriting

Who doesn’t want to have a good handwriting? Good handwriting is just not an impression but also a start to a beautiful journey. How? It gives you extra marks, your teacher and friends always praise you, your brain develops because you don’t stop while reading, your confidence rises, and confidence boosts personality. Some tips like practice cursive writing daily, improve your letters one by one, adopt new styles of your own easy to understand and elegant looking, don’t hold pencil too tightly, slow down a little to stop making errors etc. Fine handwriting is the key to success.

So you want to improve your handwriting, that’s great. Handwriting can create great impressions, it enhances your personality and the person who is watching you writing anything gets stunned by how good a kid can write. Do you know there are so many benefits of having a beautiful handwriting? Of course, you know that’s why you are here and searching. Or maybe not!
Have you ever given anyone a compliment like wow! Your handwriting is so good it’s so proper and perfect- How? Believe me, my friend; you also could get the same compliment. And that how is not a big deal when you are ready to improve your writing.

I am listing some benefits below.

Here we go-


Benefits or Importance of Beautiful Handwriting

Good handwriting attracts excellent marks. Yes, if you know how to write well, believe me, you can get extra marks. Marks are directly connected with handwriting.

Just think about it when you have given your exam and the teacher is checking your copy but didn’t find even a single word properly written, although you have mentioned everything she can’t get anything because of messy writing. Bad handwriting is difficult to understand. She will absolutely cut your marks, not because of your bad handwriting but because she was not able to get your sentences properly.

  • Good handwriting boosts confidence greatly. Good handwriting becomes the key to success because people will easily get impressed by beautifully written contents. It will add confidence.
  • It is very good for brain development. Suppose you have a test tomorrow and you started reading in order to learn but found your writing is not even able to understand and very less pleasing. But you took your friends copy just for an hour and you read as well as learned the whole chapter which your teacher is going to ask you tomorrow. Brain functions more beautifully when you don’t get stuck in just one line repeating after and after to understand.
  • You can get a good job too.
  • It develops confidence so confidence develops personality.

Tips to Improve Handwriting

There are so many ways to improve handwriting and materials to help you in improving your handwriting but still, one thing totally or entirely depends on you and that is practice. You alone have to do it with total focus and in enjoying manner so that you don’t get bored.

  • Don’t go out or buy fancy pieces of equipment, handwriting improvement in reality totally depends on practice. You have to practice a lot with what you have. Just daily practice can contribute to big improvements.
  • Your line paper or copy is your best friend because it guides you beautifully where you have to write and in which manner to keep it looking simple and elegant. Those lines help you to understand and write letters in right size and proportions.
  • Do you erase a lot while writing because of wrong spellings and hard to read then you have to slow down a little. Slowing down is the better option when you want to improve and want people to clearly read whatever you have written. It will make you forget about your eraser. Later you can catch your speed too.
  • Don’t hold your pen or pencil tightly when you are writing. Tight grip on pen or pencil leads to hand fatigue and it makes quite uncomfortable to practice for long periods of time.
  • Try to make small changes, don’t overdo it just make small changes. Try practicing small improvements to your current style of handwriting. Don’t try to copy others develop your own unique and beautiful style which should be easy to understand and pleasant to eyes.
  • Start writing alphabets in small letters and after finishing just notice with which letters you are not happy circle those and work on it. Make yourself happy by renewing those letters. Bring those changes to your daily handwriting work.
  • My favourite- do you have cursive writing book? Because when I was a kid my teacher always asked me to complete page no. 1 to page no. 30 in my summer vacations. You might be thinking this is a headache but believe me, its fun when you see your copy completed by you at the end. It contributes greatly towards improving writing too.

You will fall in love with your handwriting when you will practice. Practice, practice, and practice. You cannot improve and become best until you practice. Handwriting can never be improved in an overnight. You definitely have to work on it.

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