What are mini brains?

Miniature human organ produced by scientists is termed as organoids. One of the uncanniest is the mini-brain or cerebral organoid. Fascinating that it replicates the 3D characteristics of a human organ. 

Mini-brain means developing ventricles, fluid-filled spaces in the brain, forming layers in the cortex. This is a big venture because back then, It was hard for scientists to get the brain cells to grow in more than just one layer, those cells usually didn’t last very long, and didn’t include many cell types like our brains.

Organoids were inaugurated in 2003 when researchers realized that they had created floating bits of brain tissue that possess some structure to them.



Initiating with some stem cells which have the potentials to generate or contrast into the cells of any organ they’re engrossed in growing. They feed them chemical signals to send them down the right path and cater structural pillar-like protein gel, so the cells will grow in 3D, following the stirring process, the cells take those cues and become a lot as a brain would form from scratch. These cells are only building fundamental structures and layers that can’t do anything but grow.


  • Organoids were used to learn microcephaly which is when a baby’s head is small as it hasn’t developed normally.
  • Autism in which they discovered that patients tend to make more of a certain type of inhibitory neuron than normal.
  • How Zika virus wreaks havoc on fetuses during pregnancy, by infecting organoids with the virus that kills cells and from replicating.
  • Researchers tried to transplant the mini-brain made from human cells into mice, a try to give those mini-brains a blood supply. But they couldn’t sort it.

So it is perfect?

They’re not without flaws,

  • They are tiny. The bigger ones are made up of 2-4 million cells at the size of a lentil whereas a human brain possesses 50,000 more cells.
  • Researchers do not know how to direct mini-brains to make their own blood vessels yet.
  • They do not have all the right layers or cell types, like microglia.

So cerebral organoids are just clumps of tissues that are contrasting from the human brain. Each mini-brain grows differently which will make it more complex to do experiments like examing the drug effects and a lot more.

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