What does the liver do?


A liver weighs at 1.4 kilograms and functions for all 24 hours of the day. It is also the heaviest organ in the human body. the liver acts a dynamic organ which performs many activities like – a store house, manufacturing unit and also a processing unit. With this organ the human body would seize to exist.


  1. Filtration of the blood in our bodies – the blood is received from the hepatic artery from the heart and the hepatic portal vein gets it from the intestines.
  2. After receives the blood from the two sources, the liver stores, process and sorts out the blood by making use of the internal processing units called – Lobules.
  3. The reception of the blood to the liver also provides it with the oxygen that it needs to function.
  4. Blood from the intestine is full of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and nutrients that are dissolved in the blood. The carbohydrates are further broken down into sugar for the purpose of being used as energy.
  5. The nutrients that are not needed by the body for immediate consumptions are stored away.
  6. The liver acts as a very crucial part when it comes to regulating the blood and checking it for toxins. These toxins get converted into something that can not harm the human body or it get thrown out of the body through the kidney and intestine as excreta.
  7. Lover is also responsible for making the blood plasma proteins which are the reason why the human body form blood clots. Liver creates cholesterol which creates the hormones in the human body.
  8. Vitamin D is also something that the liver creates along with substances that aid digestion in the human body.
  9. Bile – making use of cells known as hepatocytes the liver converts the toxins into bittern greenish looking liquid. This liquid is called bile, which gets stored into the gallbladder. This liquid helps in the breaking down of fat, neutralizing the stomach acids and also to destroy microbes. Bile takes out all the other toxins from the liver, out of the body.

Therefore, liver performs very complex mechanisms and functions which need to be carefully monitored.

One should be careful with what they consumer in order to not ingest more toxics than the liver can handle. Because it might overload the liver and result in harming the organ. Human body can not function with this organ; hence one needs to be careful with it.

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