What is a calorie?

I am an extremely health-conscious person. I wish to maintain my weight but it doesn’t happen. Seriously I don’t know where I am doing the mistake. In the case of celebrities, other personalities, they prefer dieticians, exercise and come up with the drastic change in their body. 

Everyone knows any dietitian gives you the diet chart. But what they focus on is? It means, they specifically pay attention to one thing while advising you. Do you know?

Calories. We eat every day but how many of you know the exact calorie bar?

Let’s read thoroughly and understand in detail.


What is a Calorie?

It is a unit of energy or units of measurement. It doesn’t measure the weight of your body. In simple words, how much energy you get from a particular food or drink and consume.

Who introduced the concept of calories?

First time by Nicolas Clement during 1819-1824.

Why do you need to keep eye on your food habit?

The reason is, it is important to check whether you are getting enough calories or not. Otherwise, it is of no use.

Calories are necessary for your health. Everyone required a different amount of calories each day. It varies with the kids, adult, youngster, sex, age and activities.

Without calories, a human can not survive and live.

1 kilocalorie (kcal) = 1000 calories.

Calorie needs for adult women range from 1600-2400 per day. For men, the range is 2000-3000 per day.

How to calculate the calories?

Now it divides into two parts.

If you are sedentary (doing no exercise or little)then calculate = BMR*1.2

and if you are lightly active(light exercise)then calculate = BMR*1.375

Take a look at the following:

1g of carbohydrates = 4kcal

1g of protein = 4kcal

1g of fat = 9kcal

Relation of fat and calories?

If you are not taking calories in proportion then fat-free and low-fat food would be stored in your body as fat. It is essential how much you take inside.

Calories and weight:

Calorie decides your weight. Weight may gain or loss. It depends on how you burn the calories or store in your body unnecessarily. It also depends on your physical activities.

Calories used in your body. How?

The body converts the food or drinks into the energy due to proper metabolism.

If metabolism is not proper then calories combined with oxygen at the body requires.


Health is wealth.  Alike everything in your life balance or proper quantity is a must. Means, if you are sad then you need to feel at one point and let go. Calories play a  vital role in your life because food is our lifeline.

Calories are necessary should not be excessive”!!!

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