What Makes Us Human?

It’s hard to put it into words. One can’t expect to traverse the whole evolutionary staircase in mere steps. The wide array of emotions and unparalleled imaginative capabilities cannot be contained in a box. Yet the following article does hope to aptly summarize the most basic and distinct qualities of ‘WHAT MAKES US HUMAN’.

There are many improved and skilled features in us which distinguish us from the other living beings like plants and animals making us HUMANS. The basic tendency of human beings is to adapt and evolve accordingly, many of the species lack this adaptation policy and hence went extinct. Over the year of evolution the basic features which evolved into us.

Firstly, the voice box also called as the larynx and a tongue which enables us to speak and talk because of being more flexible, independent and controllable with precision, enabling us to pronounce words and sentences.
Secondly. Accuracy is a skill that we humans have mastered, the perfect limbs in a hanger-like position of the shoulder which allows us to hunt, throw and acquire other such invaluable survival skills.
Thirdly, are some other features which we acquired when we evolved such as our ability to stand bipedal upright which mean on two legs which unable we hold, carry, pickup, throw, kick and see on a height other than just to walk and run. Along with this as we all know that human beings are categorized as mammals, we differ as we do not prolong heavy coat of hair on our skins because of the advanced skin we possess, a sophisticated on, which gives us a much better sense of feel and touch.
Fourthly, It is often said that human beings differ from other living things due to the presence of emotions and feelings such as anger, love, affection, irritation, sadness, happiness etc. But I guess we can observe animals also showcasing their emotions with their behavior whether it be care, love or aggression too. So, it will be wrong to say that the expressing their feelings is a feature of human beings whereas it’s just the evolution in the expression of their feelings where human beings have mastered the skill and proved them capable of presenting their feelings whereas its other counterparts fail to do so.

The basic and most common, yet the most important feature that human beings possess is the usage of their brains to the maximum level making them the most intelligent species existing on the planet which has gifted the world with facilities and development in many sectors making lives very easy then earlier.
Human beings are the most intelligent species on the planet Earth. But have you ever wondered what distinguishes us humans from the rest of the living world? Rather what makes us human? Apart from the all the development and amazing inventions and discoveries were done by human beings, a twist has come when speaking of over usage of the natural resources. There is a difference between the need of people for survival and greed. Some lines should be drawn for the usage of day by day depleting natural resources under the name of growth and development.
Modifying the nature and its constituents created by the almighty itself for its own, rather selfish means could not be done by a normal creature but instead a special one, that is human beings. Yes, the selfish beings! but have u ever given a thought regarding it? I bet not.

Humans are unique and paradoxical. While we are the most advanced and modernized species intellectually, technologically, and emotionally, spreading our reach, creating and developing artificial intelligence, traveling to outer space, we also continue to engage in merciless violent, cruel, and self-destructive behavior. Human has the ability to use their brain to the maximum and greater level than any other mammal.

Humans have the unique ability of thinking and of forethought: the ability to imagine the future possibilities, and then to actually create the future we imagine, to make visible the invisible. This is both a blessing and a curse for humans, causing many of us to suffer through worry and anxiety and panic.

Human beings have showcased tremendous development with the available sources, but access of anything can go wrong, for the contrary concept, a basic nature that which defines a human resides in his/her nature and their approach towards fulfillment and satisfaction. All the other living creature and things on the planet tend to consume the favor of mother earth and restrict them to their needs for survival of their species and self. They have misused the skills acquired by them of intelligence, power, and concept of control, which has played a negative role for the sake of modernization, development, and luxury other than just their basic needs disturbing the balance too. Human beings for ages now have acted like parasites on nature who are destroying and deteriorating resources present in the environment and mercilessly swiping away other creature’s livelihoods. But its not just it. This development has also gathered ways of efficiently using up the natural resources and have optimum utilization without harm and wastage.

Even after all the development no mammal yet have been able to use their brains to extent that human beings have shown tremendous intelligence.

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