Who Will Do This Work?

  • Who will do this work ‘ what one understands with this.
  • The obvious question that comes to our mind when we read or hear this sentence is that which type of work is mentioned.
  • And who are the ones that are mentioned for doing that specific work.
  • So, let us now discuss what is being discussed and who are the people mentioned to that work.
  • Ever wondered who does all the work for us cleaning the mess we made.
  • Cleaning our dirt, keeping our surroundings clean, bromming around the street, cleaning sewages etc.

Who does all this work?

  • The types of work which  are mentioned and discussed are the heroes disguised as our help workers.
  • But have you ever wondered why they have to do such work like cleaning the mess which has been made by others.
  • Imagine you were asked to do a job for yourself then will you choose cleaning?
  • Maybe, your answer would be no.
  • But just imagine if everyone refused to do this work and no one does.
  • Then, who will clean the garbage spread all around, who will the mess made by us in fact all of us,
  • Our helping hands don’t do this work by their wish or will.
  • They don’t do this work by their own choice but they forced to do this  by the society and their life conditions all together,
  • Some accept it as their destiny while see this as their means of living.
  • To survive their poverty and earn a living for them and their children
  • Some of them are often not well educated so they don’t have any other work to do except this.
  • They face hardships and are compelled to do this.

Can we bring a change

  • There are many people who put their efforts into changing this situation.
  • In the present as well as in the past.
  • One of the most fascinating personality is Mahatma Gandhi who worked hard to change the situation of these workers
  • But we should try to put more effort at our level to change the situation because they are the real reasons that we are able to live in a clean environment.
  • Starting can be done from our neighborhood only.

We can’t imagine our world without these heroes. We should respect them in every possible way because they are cleaning the mess we have made.

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