Why are mosquitoes attracted to some people?

Why are mosquitoes attracted to some people?

There are many reasons why only some people are prone to mosquitoes bite. One of them is body odor bacteria’s producing various gases. Some of these body odors attract mosquitoes. Besides this a research found that mosquitoes tend to bite people with type O blood nearly twice as those with type A. Exercises are also a reason.

Whenever you get a bite from mosquito you get irritated and think why it bites only me always, not my friend who is sitting and watching TV with me.  And then you think maybe mosquitoes are lazy or partial. But, No…… You are wrong.

There are number of reasons why some peoples are more prone to mosquito bite.

One of the reasons is mosquito like to bite the one who plays most in the park. Yes seriously, I am not kidding. Wondering why? This is because mosquitoes are drawn to movement and heat. For example if you are out in the park playing football with your friends, mosquito will sense your movement and your increased temperature. As when you play or exercise you release more carbon dioxide, heat and sweat and mosquito detect this. They can also sense various substance in your sweat such as lactic acid. Thus zip toward you. And now for mosquito you’re like a juicy tasty food.

Have you noticed that mosquitoes are more drawn to you than others while you’re out hiking, camping or lounging in your backyard?

It can sense carbon dioxide at between 10 and 50 meters. It start buzzing around over there and it feels that there is human here somewhere so it goes and follow that carbon dioxide trail like a cartoon character and it gets closer and closer and within 5 to 15 m so it can see you. They have compound eyes hundreds of tiny lenses all across the front of their head. In fact the mosquitoes head is mostly a eye. They also have thermal sensor which senses your heat. Once they get close enough and they are like emmm… tasty warm blood and when you don’t manage to swat them away. They just manage to land on your skin and bite you. This is only the female mosquito who bite. Male mosquito actually aren’t interested in your vital fluid at all but rather feed off flower nectar while female are very interested they need human blood protein, not for their own nutritional purposes but to develop their fertile eggs. Yeah, male mosquitoes are boring.

As the mosquitoes attracts toward carbon dioxide. So, the more a person emits carbon dioxide the more attractive they are. Larger people give off more carbon dioxide than the smaller people so maybe you are bigger than your friend. And that’s also the reason why mosquitoes bite adult more than kids and also the bigger the adult the juicer the target. So fat peoples are also a target of mosquito.

Your blood type might be also a reason that make mosquito loves you. A popular research found that mosquito tend to bite people with Type O blood nearly twice as often as those with other type.

One of the other reason is your body odor. Sorry to say but maybe you are more stinky than other. Millions of bacteria which live on your skin produce various gases, these gases form our odor some of these body odor attract the mosquito so this is one of the reason mosquito preferred you.so keep your body odor free.

There are some other reasons also that make you feel that mosquitoes are  bias to you only that only you are a magnet for mosquitoes. Now, this time it may be your clothes. Actually dark colours(navy, black,) are more attractive to mosquitoes than the light colors. Mosquitoes actually use their eyes to target victim if you are wearing red or black clothes then it’s easier for a mosquito to spot you.

At the same time, lots of motion distinguishes you from your surroundings so if you are moving around a lot or gesturing you might as well be shouting, “Hey, mosquitoes! I’m right here ladies!”(Only the female bites).

Also you have noticed when playing in the park at dawn or dusk mosquito annoys you too much. The reason is at that time the wind tends to die down and humidity rises which give mosquito better landing conditions. Its mosquitoes time to play in the park. So stay Indoors at those times.

There are the few things that work as insect repellent at some extent. First shower daily, keep your clothes and yourself clean so no sweat remain at your body and that also make you smell free. Eat healthy food that make your immune system strong which can cure mosquito bite fast.

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