Why are we so attached to our things?

One of the principles people practice strenuously is the idea of non-attachment from things they own which is basically about letting go, but it’s not about lowering your anticipations.

The best way to divert your mind is through Meditation and Yoga because it helps you focus on yourself. There are other ways to non-attachment like getting rid of stuff that you are emotionally attached to.

Nobody likes clutter and most people have no problem getting rid of things that have a negative association but we do hold the tendency to things that have sentimental value, for example, let’s say I get my first job and I treat myself good with my first salary like buying myself a purse but after some years when I think of getting rid of the bag somehow makes me feel guilty, diminishing my accomplishment, and value of the memory.

We were told to let go of things that give you bad memory but it’s equally valuable to let go of things that simply no longer serve you. Outgrowing things is a sign of evolution and maturity and that a good thing but importantly deep down. I surmise that the reason why people hold on to things whether it’s a bad job a relationship or actual things is that we’re afraid that if we let go of it, it’s gonna be replaced with something better but you literally can’t receive new when your hands are full. Holding on to something still brings you joy or keeping it pass along to someone special.

Think about whether you’re holding on to certain items because you’ve attached so much meaning to them and you’re afraid to let go. Remember that you can still let go of an item but hold on to the great memories attached to those things, and letting go will open up space to allow new and better things to take their place.

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