Why do animals form swarms?

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While school or college days, you seem that each class has several groups. They go anywhere, to the canteen, for the party with each other. This example is in the case of human. However, if you talk about animals, the image might be the same or different, it depends. But this word groups replaced with word swarm in case of animals. Think why do animals forms swarms? Let’s talk.


What is a swarm?

It is a united behaviour of animals where all gathered together. They may of equal or distinct size. They move as one entity. From swarm of birds in the sky to swarm of ants on the wall, group of insects, you notice everything.

Animals Form Swarms

Insects, bees are travel in one direction, close and prevent a crash with each other.  First, it starts with one member and the rest of them join one by one. It seems like a leader and leaders gang members. Swarming help animals to confuse the predator. They could protect each other while swarming as human groups do. Swarming assist them to share the efforts.

It is like the idea for individual insect, bat to follow the previous one without the feeling of danger. The things are they feel impossible to catch, they choose swarming to achieve it. Members of swarm only interact with their nearest neighbour.  They come with their community to find food sources. The example I am giving may be applicable I could say. If mosquito tries to suck your blood, you could get rid of one, however, when a swarm of mosquitoes attack, it could surely suck your blood and it gets risky.

Disadvantages of the swarm

  • While swarming, animals go one by one, however, they could go until they die, means the blind game might happen.
  • If one insect eats harmful stuff, others do the exact and the entire entity could influence.
  • Swarming organisms begins eating each other if there is a food deficiency.


See, swarming help as well as give few drawbacks. But it is the way to surviving with a unity. Human is staying in the advanced world that’s why their group definition is different.

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