Why do I have eyebrows?

Eyebrows are a very important feature of the face. The mere presence of eyebrows on the face completes the look of the person. But what can be the importance of eyebrows? No part of the human body is present in the body without a proper reason. Then what can be the importance of eyebrows?  Wanna know? Well, keep reading!

The eyebrow is the name of the hairy area present above both eyes, usually in a specific shape.

According to ancient theory, the present human being is an evolved species. Earlier people used to have hair on the whole body. As we evolved, the hair decreased. But the hairs on eyebrows and eyelashes remains the same. The reason for this is that they are essential and have very important roles.


Functions of Eyebrows

The main function of eyebrows is to protect our eyes. When we work outside on a sunny hot day, a large amount of sweat is produced. If this sweat gets into the eyes from the forehead, it can hamper your vision. To avoid this and similar situations like this faced by us, we have eyebrows to act as a barrier.

Another main reason for the presence of eyebrows is to express our emotions.

Facial expressions are all analyzed by the position of our eyebrows, the ways our lips are, lines on the forehead, twitching of the nose, dilation of the pupil, etc.

When a person wants to convey something through expressions, eyebrows are used to show those expressions. The raising of the eyebrows, done by almost everyone stands for many emotions such as shock, to ask something through raised eyebrows, etc.

Fun Facts

  1. The space between two of your eyebrows is called the “glabella”.
  2. Eyebrows are crucial for facial recognition. Without them, it is very difficult to recognize faces.
  3. For a normal person, the number of hairs present on each eyebrow is roughly 250.

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True Or False

  1. Eyebrows are present below the eyes.
  2. The eyebrow does not have any function in the human body.
  3. There are a total of three eyebrows on each person’s face.
  4. Eyebrows help in communication.
  5. Eyebrows are helpful to the eyes by preventing sweat and rainy water from directly entering them.

Objective Quiz

  1. Eyebrows are present above ________.
    1. Both Eyes.
    2. Both Ear.
    3. Lips.
    4. Nose.
  2. Eyebrows are _________ part present on both eyes.
    1. Hairy.
    2. Bony.
    3. Muscular.
    4. Vascular.
  3. Eyebrows protect our eyes from _________ and do not allow them to directly enter into eyes.
    1. Sweat and water drops.
    2. Sweat and blood.
    3. Water and blood.
    4. Blood and bile.
  4. We can express our ________ through eyebrows.
    1. Expressions.
    2. Hunger.
    3. Thirst.
    4. All of the above.
  5. The space between two eyebrows is known as _______.
    1. Glabella.
    2. Snuff box.
    3. Antecubital Fossa.
    4. Scaphoid.

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