Why do I have muscles?

Our body is incomplete without muscles. It is crucial for the proper functioning of the human body. Let’s learn more about muscles and the important role they play in the human body.



Muscles are extremely important because they help our body move. Without muscles, one cannot walk, jump, blink, or even breathe. Muscles are made of bundles of fibres, each as thin as a strand of hair. Therefore, clearly, muscles play a very important role in the survival as well day to day activities of every human. 

Functions Of The Muscles

Elbow Muscles: Biceps and Triceps

The movement of our elbow; which is the joint where our arm bones meet is controlled by a pair of muscles
called the biceps and triceps.

There are two primary functions of muscles in the body.

1. Bending

When our bicep muscle contracts, it becomes shorter and thicker, bending the elbow and pulling the lower arm towards the shoulder.

2. Straightening

Alternately, when the tricep muscle contracts, i.e. gets shorter and thicker, it pulls the lower arm away from the shoulder. 

Tough Tendons

The muscles of our body are attached to the bones by tendons.  They look like thin cords and are very strong.

Pull-not-Push Muscle Pairs

In our body, there are some kinds of muscles that can pull but cannot push; and so they work as pairs and pull in opposite directions.
For example, to move our foot, a muscle in the shin pulls it up, while a muscle at the back of the calf pulls it back down again.

Fun Facts

The biggest muscle is present in our backside. It is known as the gluteus maximus.

There are about 640 or more number of muscles present in the body, that help you move. 

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Objective Questions:

  1. ________ are very strong cord like structures.
  2. ________ and _______ are two types of muscles in the arm region.
  3. Muscles can bend as well as  ________.
  4. Some muscles may work in  _______ direction.
  5. ________ is the largest muscle in the body.

True Or False:

  1.  Muscles are bound by ligaments and tendons: _______
  2. There are very few muscles in the body: _______
  3. Muscles help the body to undergo motion of all types: _______
  4. All muscles work in same direction: _______
  5. Muscles are also involved in breathing :________

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