Why do I sneeze?

Sneezing helps our body to get rid of something it doesn’t want inside it. When we breathe in or inhale, tiny grains of dust or plant pollen may enter the nose and cause a ticklish sensation, making us sneeze and eject them out. Germs causing common cold or any other viral infection can also make us sneeze, but sneezing out the germs however can pass them on to other people.


Dirt Catchers

Tiny hairs strands in our nose help catch grains of dirt that may try to enter our body while we breathe in. These hairs act as barriers so that they get trapped in the nose and cannot enter our lungs.

Washing Hands

Whenever we sneeze out the common cold virus, it can stay alive for several hours on many objects that people frequently touch, such as door handles, phones, and the skin.
Washing our hands often helps us to get rid of the virus which may have gotten stuck on our hands as a result of surface touching and keep us healthy.


The droplets we sneeze out are called mucus. If we sneeze during a cold or infection and other people breathe in our mucus, they can easily catch our cold. Through this process, the infection is transmitted from person to person.

However, the process of sneezing uses muscles in our belly, chest, nose, and throat all at the same time.

Inside The Droplets

Each droplet that we sneeze out may contain something different. They may contain many different things, including microscopic living organisms.

Fun Facts

  • The world’s longest ever sneezing fit lasted 978 days!
  • When we sneeze, the mucus droplets fly out at speeds of up to 25 mph (40 kph). That’s as fast as the sprinter Usain Bolt can run!

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Objective Questions:

  • We should cover our ______ when we sneeze.
  • Sneezing may be a as a result of ________ that might have entered the nose.
  • There are ________ in the nose that trap dust from entering in our lungs.
  • ___________ frequently reduces chances of surface contact with the common cold virus.
  • During a sneeze, our body experiences a ________ movement in totality.

True Or False:

  1. Sneezing is a unnatural process:______
  2. We eject droplets while we sneeze: _______
  3. No other people can infected with the cold virus if we sneeze in public: ______
  4. Dust and pollen causes ticklish sensation in our nose: ______
  5. Washing hands prevents us from getting infected with common cold: ______-

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