Why don’t perpetual motion machines ever work?


Perpetual machines?

Joe noble the cartoonist showed the most craziest notions, A wheel was equipped with hinged and levers, the contrast in the leverage would pull one side down and the other side up which didn’t work out.

The idea was proposed by an indian mathematician Bhaskar drew a hypothetical wheel with curved or tilted spokes partially filled with mercury flowing from one side to other which would make one side of the wheel heavier compelling it to move endlessly  but turned out to be a failure.

Later there was a machine with weighted balls in curved compartments but it wasn’t perpetual motion, and as this was becoming tedious, Bishop Wilkins evolved the plan of an iron ball with lodestone, the theory went like this. The ball would be allured to the lodestone dropped through the trap and keeps repeating. Forgetting that the power that pulled the ball would hold it up too.

Some tried with to defeat gravity using magnets

Too many attempts were made based on hydrostatic paradox, it was hoped that the mercury weight in the enormous vessel would force the lighter column up the the thin tube to overflow. Even constant level didnt work either.

But then Radium motor came into existence, each of its leaves are charged with electricity the same extent and each violently repels the other, touching the contact and charges runs away to earth.

But, Why?

The main reason is that it violates either the first law of thermodynamics, the second of thermodynamics or both. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed i.e the device cannot be moved by itself eg, a car engines is boosted by fuel.

The second hunch is that any device will waste some energy due to its external factors for instance overcoming wind force, gravity, friction betwixt the details which means it will stop at some point, if it doesn’t receive new energy from outside.

Scientists are still finding new ways to make this discovery, some believe that have created this machines but they are either dead or disappeared for example Nikola Tesla, etc.  So the idea stands popular even now from inventors to school students.

Let us know if you found the idea.

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