Why is being scared so fun?

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Do you have a fear? I have a fear of traffic. Somebody feel afraid of the top, the worry of failing, fear of spider more. Your reaction towards the fear come about within a fraction. However, we simply concentrate on the fear, what is it precisely, what goes back of the mind, we are unaware of that and you strongly believe it makes you so funny in front of anybody and anywhere, you stay with that fear forever.

I am sharing an incident happened currently.”Ohh mom, spider……please help, it is going to eat me”. My younger brother shouted hilariously and started jumping on sofas and sat on the top of the wardrobe and was not ready to return down.  All of us have been laughing loudly and trying to convince him. Suddenly, he felt shy and went to the room due to the fun made by using our family.


What Is a Fear?

Fear is one of the human emotion. It is wired emotion which affects our mind slowly or instantly. When our threat triggers, we respond to it. The human body gets to prepare for the danger by releasing chemicals via which our body and brain begin reacting. While we get feared, a rush of adrenaline and a release of endorphins and dopamine we experience.

When a certain incident occurred in our life, if it offers desirable, we feel excited, happy. On the opposite side, if it indicates signs of danger, the body begins fighting against it and we would never feel happy. We take it as an embarrassment.

The fear response begins in an area of a brain named as the amygdala.  It is a set of nuclei in the temporal lobe of the brain that helps for detecting emotional salience of the stimuli. Amygdala nuclei have an almond shape.

Fear is good under the proper conditions otherwise it wishes to handle wisely.

Human has to decide being scared is fun or bad. Excessive fear can kill our lifestyle and a little bit of fear could help to move ahead.

Positive Side of Being Scared

  • Sense:

Like each time, fear is not a bad thing. It shows a sense of something that you feel is not good. The dark side of anything you could sense if you get scared. Fear tell we are in danger.

  • Stress

Stress comes when we think repeatedly about a particular topic. It may necessary or not but we do. We take the pressure, we don’t ready to face, however, later we know there is no important reason behind. Fear informed us something has to change and after solving those issues we think it became so simple, why did I stress?

Negative Impact

The unlimited fear turned into the loss. Loss of dreams, loss of life. What do others think of me? who would laugh at me? This kind of stupid questions pulls us back. Decisions can go wrong and in the end, only we regret.

Why do we enjoy the state of being scared?

While watching horror show, we get scared of that ghost and characters however, a brain knows we are at a safe place and free from danger. We can control our fear, so enjoy the movie till the end.

During the dance performance, fear of public comments and laugh is making you scared, without a doubt think, ‘I am going to present my skill’ and push yourself on the stage, enjoy your dance with mistakes so, obviously public would enjoy simultaneously, focus on that moment and enjoy only which never come back. Fear help for leaving the comfort zone.


In short, being scared is fun, is not a mistake, not an insult. Fears have a fantastic and poor side. We must set their limit. Fear could be our friend.

Cherish and challenge your fear”!!!!!

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